Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Showtime

So about a year ago, I declared The SV Times dead.

And indeed, this is not The SV Times, I've decided to recycle the blog into a sharing pics blog. As housekeeping notes - I've removed email comments to everyone (actually I did this months ago across all the Sims blogs) and I'll probably remove automatic emails of new posts since this isn't what you signed up for (and it has been years since you signed up.)

This is my showtime household. Let's meet them, shall we?

Jerod (Shrimp) Grant. I was missing my little evil Sim and had a request to make him an acrobat.

This is Niccy - new for this household. Someday, I may tweak her enough to be a proper Simself but she's not there yet. In the singer career.

Ella, again new for this household and another singer.

Goby Seastrider, son of Sam Grant and Jericho Seastrider. Goby basically looks like Sam with a blue skin. I tend to treat him like Sam too.

The starter Magician outfit is particularly hideous on a blue skinned Sim.

They have a house just across the street from this park.

So they all came over to skill up.

Why oh why do I have no audience?

You have a lot of competition, dear.

Keep trying.

Same for Goby, the girls have all the audience.

So Goby goes over and borrows one for a trick.

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