Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Showtime

So about a year ago, I declared The SV Times dead.

And indeed, this is not The SV Times, I've decided to recycle the blog into a sharing pics blog. As housekeeping notes - I've removed email comments to everyone (actually I did this months ago across all the Sims blogs) and I'll probably remove automatic emails of new posts since this isn't what you signed up for (and it has been years since you signed up.)

This is my showtime household. Let's meet them, shall we?

Jerod (Shrimp) Grant. I was missing my little evil Sim and had a request to make him an acrobat.

This is Niccy - new for this household. Someday, I may tweak her enough to be a proper Simself but she's not there yet. In the singer career.

Ella, again new for this household and another singer.

Goby Seastrider, son of Sam Grant and Jericho Seastrider. Goby basically looks like Sam with a blue skin. I tend to treat him like Sam too.

The starter Magician outfit is particularly hideous on a blue skinned Sim.

They have a house just across the street from this park.

So they all came over to skill up.

Why oh why do I have no audience?

You have a lot of competition, dear.

Keep trying.

Same for Goby, the girls have all the audience.

So Goby goes over and borrows one for a trick.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Fond Farewell to The SV Times

It's been an interesting and educational experience with this town and blog. It's been through a number of changes - resets and et cetera. And I'm fond enough of the little Simmies that make up this town. But not enough to boot this save again.

If there are any Sims from the hood that you'd like a copy of, just ask. The born-in-game Sims in particular.

As ever, I might change my mind about never updating this blog again. But at the moment, it feels really really unlikely.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The SV Times Presents - Dear Alex #3 - Coconuts or Bananas?

Dear Alex, My best friend just broke up with his girlfriend. Is this a good time to tell him I'd like to date her myself. Actually, I'd kind of like to take him on a date too.

Seriously confused

Dear Seriously Confused, certainly are confused, aren't you? Let me ask you this; do you prefer coconuts, or bananas? Triangles, or cones? Fashion design, or construction? Sports bars, or spas?

Personally I'm not judging either way know, my wife Michele is a little more sensitive than I am. I'll have her answer this question.

“Regardless of your preference, it would be in bad taste to go after your best friend's ex. It breaks “bro code”, doesn't it? You could try to pull a few moves on your pal, but you might want to gauge his tolerance first. Otherwise, he might run out of your house screaming bloody murder. Also, ignore Alex's weird and intrusive questions that supposedly spell out your simsual orientation. They don't.

Remember, there are plenty of fish (of both genders!) in the sea.”

So, yeah. There's her answer.

Now that I've had time to think about it, I'd say go for the girl and just don't tell your friend. It seems easier that way.

(you could also sneak into his room in the middle of the night and fondle him, but that might lead to a restraining order.)

Enjoy your banana coconuts,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The SV Times Presents - Dear Alex #2- My Ex's Mom Has Got It Going On

Dear Alex,

I dated my high-school sweetheart for three years, before calling it quits. She called me insensitive or whatever, just because I broke up with her the day before prom, and then again two years later after her 18th birthday. Everyone knows high school romances don't last, and besides, I want to catch some new fish. Wink wink.
So anyway, she's married now with a kid, but I'm not quite sure she's completely over me. I've been crushing on her mom for years, and after her parents got a divorce, I decided to go for it. She was very reciprocation to my advances, so the attraction is pretty mutual. However, it's adding more tension to the household, because my ex/her daughter walked in while we were woohoo-ing. Oops? I also think her mom may be pregnant. And she also happens to be Mayor. So, do we go about telling her daughter/my ex that she may have a new brother or sister, fathered by her high school sweetheart? This seems like it'd be really awkward for family reunions...

-Cougar Luvr

Dear Cougar Luvr,

Seriously?! Wow. You remind me of a guy I used to know.

Let me get this straight; you've impregnated the mayor of your town who also happens to be the mother of your ex-girlfriend who is now married with a child and living in the same house. Well then, there is no fix that I can think of.

You've successfully screwed up your life, and the lives of those around you. Great job.

Stay Celibate,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The SV Times Presents - Dear Alex #1- Computer Issues

Dear Alex,

I'm having issues with my new computer, and I'm about ready to toss it out the window. The stupid thing won't turn on! I've tried everything! I've tried plugging it in, unplugging it, cross-plugging won't do anything! I called the store, and they told me to call this techno support place. Do you know what the number to a techno support place is?! I'm just sitting here, narrating my message to a friend as she types it. It's so embarrassing that I can't even use my own computer.

I understand that you're a computer whiz, so I thought it would be okay to email you with this question for your new column. Oh, my little boy! I can't believe you have your own column now! It brings tears to my eyes. Oh, and how's my little Susie, hmm? Can she walk yet? I haven't seen her in awhile...

-Your Mom. (and bring by Susie sometime, will ya?!)

Dear Mom,

You realize you could have called me, right? We've been over this; you don't turn the computer on and off by plugging and unplugging it repeatedly. There are buttons on the computer that will turn it off successfully. Why didn't you hire one of the tech (short for "technical") guys to hook up your computer for you? Why can't your friend who typed this message help you out with your computer?

Suzanne is adapting well, and she's growing like a weed. She even looks like you a little bit. I promise I'll bring her when we go back to Riverview over the holidays. I'll even fix your computer, which by now I'm certainly hoping isn't a laptop.

Stay Sane,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The SV Times Presents - Cooking with Kacyn

Hi, I'm Kacyn McPherson-Hill and as one of the top chefs in the city, I've been asked to write a cooking column.

I've agreed to use my lovely home kitchen for the column. You need some free counter space and a stove to cook most meals. A variety of cooking utensils and pots will make it easier though you can improvise that sometimes.

Today's recipe is Ratatouille - a french classic

Now my first cooking tip is always buy in season produce and the best quality ingredients that you can afford.
Ratatouille requires tomato paste, onion, a small eggplant, small zucchini and 1 largish red bell pepper.

My second cooking tip is to buy kitchen appliances that will save you time and make cooking a more enjoyable experience. I know that some chefs insist that all you need is a sharp knife; that you should chop and mix all ingredients yourself. If that puts you off the idea of cooking, then use an appropriate gadget. Cooking at home is healthier and cheaper than your average restaurant.

Of course, The Bistro where I work is not an average restaurant. Our food is very healthy, but it's not at all cheap.

I place each of the vegetables into this food processor which I've set to fine slice. It's important to keep the vegetables separate at this stage.

Once the vegetables are sliced, I put the tomato paste into a dish and carefully consecutively lay each type the vegetables on top, making sure that they overlap. See how I've made a pretty pattern with the assembled layers.

I recommend starting in the center and working your way outwards. Drizzle with olive oil, add a dash of salt and pepper.

Place the dish in a hot oven and bake for about 40 minutes.

You want the vegetables are releasing their juices but not completely limp.

Remove from the oven and serve on a plate with some good crusty French bread. Suitable for lunch or a light dinner.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Family Bios from Sunset Valley - Harkness and Landgraab Families

The Harkness Family

Jack Harkness

Sim Origins: me
Age: Adult
Occupation: Business - Vice President
Characteristics: Flirty, Brave, Charismatic, Adventurous, Great Kisser
Brief biography: Jack is not only one of the top business men in SV, he's also a well-paid gigolo. His magnetic personality can overwhelm either friend or foe, especially when he turns the charm on. He and Ollie were two of the first in town to take advantage of a new technique for a gay couple to have biological children.

Ollie Harkness

Sim Origins: by Chrysame
Age: Adult
Occupation: Military - Grunt
Characteristics: Flirty, Absent-Minded, Genius, Excitable, Kleptomanic
Brief biography: Ollie is well aware that Jack isn't the most faithful of spouses. He forgives Jack because Jack always remembers who is first and foremost in his life, both his best friend and his spouse. Ollie drifts from career to career, none of them have been his true calling. While he has been in the military for some time, his low rank shows his lack of interest.

Stuart Harkness

Son of Jack and Ollie Harkness
Age: Child
Characteristics: Excitable, Genuis, Hot-Headed
Brief biography:Hot-headed Stuart has always been a handful. His fathers have been getting reports of him bullying the smaller kids at school. Everyone hopes it's just a phase that the boy will grow out of but Stuart's teens years are about to begin. Will his behaviour improve or grow worse.

Lizette Harkness

Daughter of Jack and Ollie Harkness
Age: Child
Characteristics: Brave, Technophobe, Light Sleeper
Brief biography:While not as inclined to start trouble as her twin brother, Lizette will always jump in to his defense. Whether or not he needs or deserves any help. Her fear of technology makes her slower in many of the school subjects then some of her classmates. Not one of her classmates dare call her names, her brother has made it clear what would happen to them if they did.

Tyrone Harkness

Son of Jack and Ollie Harkness
Age: Toddler
Characteristics: Genius, Friendly
Brief biography: The much loved youngest child of the Harkness family. Will this spoilt toddler still grow up well?

The Landgraab Family

Nancy Landgraab

Sim Origins: EA Games
Age:deceased (age)

Geoffrey Landgraab

Sim Origins:EA Games
Age: Elder
Occupation: Medicine - World Renowned Surgeon
Characteristics:Good Sense of Humor, Loves the Outdoors, Family-Oriented, Hopeless Romantic, Charasmatic
Brief biography: Geoffrey's first wife was Nancy Landgraab famous heiress of the Landgraab family. Geoffrey stuck with medicine in spite of his wish to be an author because ambitious Nancy would not settle for less then a doctor. Very much a family man, he did as much with their sons as his busy career would allow. After Nancy died, Geoff has married a much younger woman, Mindi.

Mindy Landgraab

Age: Adult
Characteristics: Couch Potato, Perfectionist, Excitable, Neat, Friendly
Brief biography: The second wife of Geoffrey. Rumours have it that Mindy is a gold-digger, latching on to one of the town's richest families and a husband much older than herself.

Brendon Landgraab

Son of Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab
Age: Teen
Characteristics: Loves the Outdoors, Perfectionist, Light Sleeper, Mooch
Brief biography: The much younger son of Geoffrey and Nancy, he shares his passion for the outdoors with his dad. It remains to be seen if Brendon will follow his heart or follow the money like his parents did. Since the passing of Nancy, Brendon may feel less pressure to live up to the family reputation.

The Landgraab Family (1)

Malcolm Landgraab

Sim Origins: Ea Games
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Politics - Local Representative
Characteristics: Technophobe, Good, Bookworm, Photographer's Eye, Ambitious.
Brief biography:Malcolm successfully resisted the pressure of his mother to be a leading business man or doctor. He decided to go into politics and be the voice of good in a career loaded with corrupt politicians. He recently moved his family to a new home away from his father and his new step mother.

Bella (Bachelor) Landgraab

Sim Origins: Ea Games
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Music - Band Manager
Characteristics: Workaholic, Brave, Party Animal, Good, Lucky.
Brief biography:As a teen, Bella was interested in both Mortimer Goth and Malcolm Landgraab. Malcolm won her heart by his good nature and not being as grumpy as Mort. Between her music and three children, she is quite the busy person.

Destiny Landgraab

Daughter of Malcolm and Bella Landgraab
Age: Child
Characteristics: Loves the Outdoors, Loser, Friendly
Brief biography: Destiny is being raised in a house of love, without the pressure her dad had to withstand. She is a friendly soul, but the kids in school mostly don't see beyond that loser trait that makes her last in every game she tries.  The birth of twin siblings has meant that her parents have little time they can dedicate to the problems and questions of their oldest child.

Douglas Landgraab

Son of Malcolm and Bella Landgraab
Age: Baby
Characteristics: Loves the Outdoors, Genius
Brief biography: Twin brother of Melodie.

Melodie Landgraab

Daughter of Malcolm and Bella Landgraab
Age: Baby
Characteristics: Clumsy, friendly
Brief biography: Twin sister of Douglas.