List of current Sims

Current relationships and bios

Grant family bio Phillip Grant (nicarra60) married Rachel Thorpe (Sue_d_nim) Daughters Annabelle and Suzanne

Lee family bio Benjamin Lee (Selahfreeatlast) married Macy Monroe (Chrysame) with three sons David, Ralph and Jeremiah

Hunter-Bodette family bio Jerod Bodette(shay48) married Zayne Hunter(Sue_d_nim) two girls Nandini and Joanna and a boy named Buddy.

Montgomery family bio Christian Montgomery (rflong7) married the town bike Pauline Wan. They have two children Trent and Chaim. Christian divorced Pauline later. Kristy Russ is his second wife

Leman family bios Thomas (nicarra60) married Twyla Summers (thief) and have Courtney, Ernie, and Erick.

Kane family bios Kane Family - Season one Kanes as downloaded from Kaleeko. Jeb, Meredith, Travis and Bradley.

Walker family bios Marta (Chrysame) and Wyatt (Selahfreeatlast) are married. They have one son - Anthony.

Frio family bio Alicia (selahfreeatlast) married Jon Marsh (selahfreeatlast). They have a daughter Caroline. Alicia later divorced Jon and married Connor Frio. She and Connor have a daughter Celeste.

Warren-Hawke family bios Hugo (chrysame) and Ripley (chrysame) are married with two daughters Kristina and Roberta.

Landgraab IV family bios Malcolm IV (nicarra60) and AJ (selahfreeatlast) have been imported as a family with their daughter Mindi, son Malcolm V and AJ starts pregnant. They have another son called Daniel. After Malcolm's death, AJ got a boy toy Bryce whom she married. Malcolm V married Tatianna and they have a son.

Goth family bios Gunther and Cornelia have son Mortimer and daughter Rena. Morimer married Mindi Landgraab and now has one son Seth.

Portobella family bios Antonio Portobella married Autumn Cusack. One daughter named Patricia.

Lessen family bios Mick married  Linda with a daughter Debbie.

Nevada family bios Sierra has married Clover.   Then Sierra divorced Clover after discovering an affair with the town bike.  Sierra has since married a townie Jamison.  Sierra has a girl named Paulette.

McPherson-Hill family bios Kacyn  has dumped townie Alan Watanbe.  She has since married Clover Hill.  They have one child Torrey (now Blueberry)

Harkness family bios Ollie Mayweather married Jack Harkness.  They acquired two babies from the science lab - an experiment in reproduction. Lizette and Stuart. Jack gave birth to a son Tyrone.

Landgraab (SV natives) family bios Geoffrey and Nancy had two sons. Brendon is still at home. Malcolm married Bella Bachelor and they have three children.

MJ Rose married Evan McPherson, they have a little girl Christina.

Susie married a townie Marquis -> daughter named Patsy. and a son Joey.

Christi married a townie Esteban. They have one son, Maximus.

Bettina has married Hank Goddard. Divorced and married Rahsaan with a little girl called Ariel.

Carolina North married townie Maxwell Han.

Lisa Carter is married to townie Andrea

Star Matlock married Terrence. She also has a romantic interest.

Anya married Jake. They have a baby Jean.

Tyler is dating townie Kimberlee

Charlie is married townie Traci

Angelo married a townie Jennie

The list

Alicia Longshore, Angelo Averti, Bettina Butler, Christi Clayton, Jon Marsh, AJ Anderson (deceased), Wyatt Walker, Benjamin Lee, Carolina North are all from SelahFreeAtLast (Dee)

Hugo Hawke, Ripley Warren, Susie Pierce, Mick Lessen, Marta Tomasi, Macy Monroe, Ollie Mayweather are from Chrysame

Kacyn McPherson, Star Matlock, Evan McPherson by kjanie08

Zayne Hunter, Tyler Townsend and Rachel Thorpe by Sue_D_Nim

Sierra Nevada by Muleskinner

Jerod Bodette by shay480

Christian Montgomery by Rflong7

Clover Hill by sidonzo

Charlie Walker, Lisa Carter by Catloverplayer

Anya Francois by mmmcheezy225

MJ Rose, Rick Shawn, Antonio Portobella by MJ_Rose

The Kane Family and Tatianna Solez by Kaleeko

My Sims in this game Thomas Leman, Phillip Grant, Malcolm Landgraab IV (deceased) and Jack Harkness