Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rediscovering the neighborhood

For the moment, I'm leaving aging off and story progression off until I catch up with what's being going on.

So at the moment, I'm flitting from house to house, seeing what's happening since I've rather forgotten after working on a different blog for a bit.

First surprise was that at 203 days young (long life span), here's Grandpa Muleskinner with his daughter Trisha

If he can catch one more perfect fish of a new species, he will have fulfilled his lifetime wish

Now my next surprise was when visiting Riley and Kanye.  Riley had this want to snuggle Garrett.  Garrett?  Oh dear, no baby on this lot.  Apparently Riley had married and had a baby.

She had married the long lost Jared Carter.  He disappeared from the share house weeks ago.  I knew he was officially still in the neighborhood, his original housemates all remembered him.  Unfortunately, Riley and Jared weren't really friendly enough to get him to move in immediately.  She spent some time talking to him, went to work, came home and chatted to him more.  Finally he and the baby could move in.  So Riley did get to snuggle the baby.

Jared has made level 5 in military.  Riley is at level 2 in politics.  Kenya moved out of this house but is currently level 5 in athletics.

Tanya Marsh achieved her lifetime want of reaching level 9 in athletics a Superstar. Since her husband Jon became a Rock Star some time ago, they are a rare couple who managed to achieve lifegoals in the free will game.  Here she is in her new professional outfit.

Middle child of the Marsh family, Dexter, is getting friendly with Marcy Leman

Here is Cheri the daughter of Samantha and Dallas Shallow. Neither Samantha nor Dallas are doing very well in their careers. My assumption is they must not be suited or they would be higher.

Mom on her way to bed, leaving the toddler with dad

Kathryn Bodette with daughter Shantel in the park

When I visited their home, I was amazed to find that Jerod is level 5 in medicine, officially a doctor now. And Kathryn has managed to write 3 books.
Jerod and Shantel Bodette

Kathryn and Lacie Bodette

Shantel aged up to child

I am trying a gentle nudge or two toward a relationship