Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weather Report - Raining babies everywhere

Yes, Sunset Valley has had baby showers all day.  Babies born include:
Torrey McPherson-Hill
Buddy Hunter-Bodette
Joey Pierce
Jeremiah Lee
Roberta Warren Hawke
Lizette and Stuart ...

When I left Jack and Ollie, they decided to be boyfriends.  Both are very happy with the arrangement.

I visited Star Matlock and Anya Fracois to find that they had married while I was away.  Star got this cutie called Terrence.  Pity he is also insane but you can't have everything.  Star and Terrence seem quite happy.

Anya married a townie called Jake.  Not nearly as cute as Terrence and he has very recently turned elder.  We'll see how well they last.

I added Antonio Portabella to the neighborhood.  He quickly decided to ask Autumn Cusack to be his girlfriend.  I moved her into his house for a bit of a makeover - and so they could try for a lovely red-head baby for me.

I think Antonio approves

So I had them try for baby.  We'll see how that turns out.

I went to visit the Goths - especially Mindi Landgraab-Goth and her husband Mortimer.  Mindi had gotten glitched but she did recover.

She would soon convince Mortimer to tour the Science Lab with her.  And a special tour of one of the research chambers - more baby making I fear.

This is Lisa Carter, from CatloverPlayer.  She's been leading a rather quiet life with the husband she picked.

Andrea.  The girls are mostly finding some pretty cute random guys in town!

Clover and Kacyn had the baby and named him Torrey.  I might rename him to Blueberry - check out that skin tone.  I think Twallan's story progression worked overtime to blend the skins of the parents for this.

Then I went back to visit Jack and Ollie.  Jack proposed

Then the boys found that the Science lab had left a special delivery.  Twins, Lizette and Stuart - a successful experiment on combining the DNA from Jack and Ollie to produce genetic babies from the guys.  They were *very* happy to find babies.

They both wanted to pick up and cuddle each baby.  Hard to get them to put the little ones down.

So they quietly married to make the family complete.

They are the happiest newly weds around.  So in love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If at first you don't succeed

In the house that had MJ Rose, Evan McPherson, Rick Shawn and Jack Harkness.  MJ and Evan are now girlfriend/boyfriend and MJ obviously dreams of something more.

Jack Harkness has moved out of this house and into a new one.  He and Rick had a nice time getting to know each other but no sparks from them.

Next up, a slightly strange household.  Sierra Nevada divorced Clover Hill when she found he had an affair with the town bike.  But she never booted him from the house and they are still great friends.  So this house has Sierra with her husband Jamison and Clover Hill with his second wife Kacyn.

Since I hadn't visited since Sierra and Jamison married, I gave them the basic compatibility test.  I started them flirting and came back to them making out.  Obviously Sierra is very compatible with new husband.

Kacyn and Clover are also quite a good couple.  I do hope he learned his lesson and won't play with the town bike again but we'll have to see.

I decided to have them Try for Baby because the genetics can prove interesting.  I've seen a number of Clover's kids now.  Some are just like dad, others mostly take after mom and a few have some mix.

This could make for a very interesting mix.

Now Jack Harkness when left in the old house almost immediately acquired a townie girlfriend.  Why a girlfriend when he had a serious preference for guys is a mystery.  So he moved into a new home with a new housemate.  Namely one Ollie Mayweather.  Jack said Hello then started flirting.  Ollie was pleased as anything to have Jack flirt with him and they hit romantic interest very quickly.

Definite major sparks here.  I used maxmotives and they flirted the entire night away on their own.  I made sure Jack was in good shape to go off to work the next day.

Jon and Alicia in the park.  Alicia had the baby.  It's a little girl they've named Caroline.  They came to the park without the baby, I hope they remembered the sitter!  We'll try to catch up with Caroline when she reaches toddler.

Speaking of toddlers this is Kristina Warren Hawke.  The little cutie of Ripley Warren and Hugo Hawke.

Ripley teaching the baby to walk while Hugo is off to improve his handiness skill.

While I was playing this last time, I was notified that Ripley, Susie Pierce and Zayne Hunter-Bodette are all expecting again.  Ripley hasn't had enough time to start showing but little Kristina won't be an only child for long.

Annabelle Grant is also a toddler, making her daddy Phillip and mom Rachel very proud.

The happy family in the backyard.  Rachel is doing well at keeping up with the things she should for her career.  Phillip needs to work on writing reports for the vice squad.  So he went over to the park to see who he could interview...

And found Ollie Mayweather.  He asked Ollie a few pointed questions about Ollie's first job - in the criminal career.

Then headed to the library to write his report.  He needs a few more reports under his belt to make the police station really take notice of him.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hunter-Bodette, Marsh and introducing Captain Jack Harkness

We bid a fond farewell to the Leman family.  Thomas wanted to snuggle his second child - Ernie Leman.  Ernie was an instant baby but he has a little sibling on the way - who was made the old fashioned way.  Thomas adores them all.

We return to visit the Hunter-Bodette family. Zayne and Jerod have two little girls, Nandini and Joanna.  Jerod was nearly ready to promote so he tried to chat up his boss Jamie.  Unfortunately for him, Jamie was in the mood for flirting and not work.  So Jamie didn't give him his much deserved promotion.

Zayne wanted to teach Nandini to talk.   She may be flirty but she does love her children.

Their second toddler Joanne.  Both girls inherited a lot from Zayne especially the hair.

While I was visiting, it was time for Nandine to grow up.  She grew up well, I got to select a trait.

Nandini as a child.  Quite the cutie.

Alicia Marsh suddenly realised that she's pregnant by husband and town casanova Jon.  Jon wants a boy, Alicia wants a girl.  Someone is going to be disappointed.

Jon went to the park to earn some tips.  It took a while for people to come and listen but eventually.

Jon got a pretty good crowd including Macy, Kacyn and Mortimer Landgraab-Goth.

Just before he left for work, Jon gave Alicia a massage.

This is Traci Walker, the rather nice looking wife that

Charlie Walker by catloverplayer .  No children yet but they should have some very lovely ones.

Captain Jack Harkness was very recently added to a home.  I found him doing something completely odd, attending a party at the Alto house.  Jack rushed over in his work clothes, running straight past Phillip Grant.

He finally found Rick Shawn.  Flirty Jack decided to try his luck with Rick.  Jack does have a tendency to romance the guys.  And Rick has already had one boyfriend since separated.  We'll come back to them later to see how they do.

Author's note: too much wine tonight.  Hopefully not too awful to read.