Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The SV Times Presents - The Valley Fishing Guide for Salt water

My name is Malcolm and I've been asked to tell you about the best fishing in the Valley.

Fishing is my passion and my profession, there is no one in town better positioned to tell you more about the local spots and species.

We've split the fishing guide into two parts; salt water and fresh water fishing spots.

Now our first spot is well away from the active part of the main beach. It's a good spot for several species, it's where I fish for Shark and Angelfish.

There's many other good fishing spots along the main beach, but this little corner over away from the crowds seems to be most reliable.

Don't forget, the best baits for Shark is red herring and for Angelfish is Alley Catfish.

The fish are quite good size, especially the sharks and swordfish. If you are determined to haul in the big ones, get the best quality rod and reel you can afford. There are few things more frustrating then having your line snap while pulling in a great fish like this one.

Even closer to the main pier area, the fishing is still good. Just not as good as my favourite area.

Now our next beach fishing hole is Sunnyside Strand just below the Wolff resident. It's well known for catching tuna, catfish and lobster. The lobster are fond of tuna as bait so catching one helps you catch the other.

Sunnyside strand is a pleasant enough spot but I find that the horde of Wolff offspring use it as a trysting point so it can be a little crowded.

The final of the beach locations is Recurve Strand. It's a long walk to get to the beach, but the fishing makes it all worthwhile. It's not so much that you'll find different species of fish here, you won't. But it's very peaceful, few make the track out to this area.

Recurve Strand has many little inlets and channels that fish love.

Finally, a few general fishing tips for today.

Make sure your line is strong enough for the fish you are likely to catch.
Go early in the morning or at dusk when the fish are biting more.

Watch for fish jumping, that's the best sign that you'll have fish for dinner tonight.

Don't forget your hat, your sunscreen and some bottled water.
And have fun.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The SV Times - Gnu Gnus Daily

News in the City
by Connor Frio

Our big story is that Backlot Studios are having problems financing their latest productions.

An executive who refused to be named said, "Yes, we have yet to produce a movie that earned money at the boxoffice but we are sure that at least one of our films in production will break that curse."

Local businessman Jack Harkness isn't so positive. "Look, we know that film making is a risky business. And the Business Centre gladly loaned them the money so they could afford some big names to come make movies. But at this point, it's just throwing good money after bad. They said the last time that they were about to make a break through and yet they failed. They need to make good on some of their outstanding debt. Which they have no signs of doing."

"Mr Harkness, do you think there is any chance of them making a hit movie."

"In theory, they should have had at least 3 successful movies. But their zombie action flick came out just a month after 'They ate brains' which was a huge smash. At the last minute, their star pulled out of the chick flick. It was a decent romance but just not that great. And their thriller went way way over budget."

"So your conclusion?"

"They have to wrap up one of their almost completed movies and hope this one works. Or it's time to close the studio for good."

The mayor, prime instigator of getting Backlot Studios to set up in the city, has refused to comment on the issue.

In other news, a promotion for Mr Jebediah Kane means even the toughest cop in the state would think twice before trying to even give him a traffic ticket. Congratulations, Mr Kane.

Our new Staff
by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

The staff of the SV Times would like to welcome two new casual staff to our ranks.

Miss Cassie Cooper will be reporting on the local party scene. Local bars, dance joints and maybe she'll even attend your big event, if you ask her nicely. Want to know what's hot and what's not? Check in with Cassie and see. Miss Cooper has only just moved to town so be sure to say hi when you see her.

Mr Alex Camden has successfully applied to be our Dear Alex columnist. Do you have a problem? Noisy neighborhood, romance gone bad, kids out of control? Write Alex, he'll have an answer for you. Alex, wife Michele and daughter Suzanne also just moved to the city.

Relationships in the city
by Star Matlock

Miss Cooper has had a very warm welcome to Sunset Valley from another of our newer residents, Mr Jericho Seastrider. The two had a midnight rendezvous at one of the local lakes.

Travis Kane is still sweet on Tomeka Wolff. So much so that he is risking a ride home in a police car by visiting his sweetheart at one in the morning. While true love should be willing to take risks, riding home with the police might be taking one too many.