Friday, February 19, 2010

Jerod, Marta, Rebecca and Jared

Hugo Hawke, post a little tweaking.

Marta and Jerod's little girl Lacie with one of her new friends, Andrew Grant.

Marta set dinner on fire but since she's brave and he's a daredevil, they had no problems coping with the blaze.

Time for Lacie to age up to teen.

Lacie Tomasi - ready for anything.

Lacie brought home from school one of her old friends, Cecil Thorpe-Townsend.
I had them romance briefly and she wanted her first kiss from him.  I tried but life was against Lacie and Cecil this day.  First he had to go to work, then she got busted for curfew when over at his house.

Cecil's little brother Abel is also a teen.  One hopes he'll grow into that nose.  

Little Jasper learning to talk from his daddy Jared.
I think I'm going to start this neighborhood over.  I have a bunch of new Sims that I dropped into the hood part way through that I'd rather have start fresh.  And I'm hoping that using Twallan's Story Progression mod from the start will keep the neighborhood in better balance.  So the question is, are there any of the born in games in this lot you want?  I can age them up to young adult if anyone is interested in a look

Zayne + Thomas - Derrick and Clayton
Sam + Kathryn - Andrew and Sterling
Jerod + Marta - Lacie
Jon + Meadow - Jeanine and ???
AJ + Malcolm - Malcolm and Micheal (will post pics if anyone is interested)
Celia + William - Byron, Jeana and Camille
Tyler + Rachel - Cecil and Abel
Rebecca + Jared - Jasper
Grandpa + Teresa - Doug, Jeffry and Donna

I think that's the full list of our Sims that actually produced any children.  I must admit that on neighborhood reset, I'm likely to start Zayne and Thomas together cause damn I like them as a couple.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sam and Jon

Sterling Grant, second son of Sam and Kathryn.

Sam teaching Andrew to walk.

Then Andrew had his birthday.  Hmm, are we getting tired of Grant boys? They look very similar.

Then I went to visit Jon, Meadow and their two little ones.  Meadow is teaching the younger one to walk.

While Jon teaches the older one to talk.  I can never remember the names of the girls.  They are not horribly weird but not common and not the normal spellings.

This is Christi, a Sim newly arrived in the neighborhood.  

This is Angelo, a new guy in town.

And Suzie, I think she's on the lookout for the nearest party.  They all came out while Jon was playing his guitar for tips.  Guitar music brings in the crowds.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Celebrations and sadness Zayne and Thomas, Celia and Christian

Next it is the turn of the Hunter Leman family.
Clayton Hunter Leman, the second son of Thomas and Zayne.  Much as his big brother, he is a very cute little fellow.  Clayton had pink hair at first but the tips of Zayne's hair are black and now that's what he has.

Clayton got a new playmate when Marta decided to come and help him with music.

Both Zayne and Thomas are quite dedicated as parents.  They will usually want to teach toddler skills soon after I arrive at the house.

Zayne gives Thomas a few cooking tips.  Since he burnt their breakfast, he can't complain about the tips.

The adorable Leman toddlers until...

Celebration 1 - Derrick has his birthday.  He is taking after his dad.

Now we move from the Leman house to Celia and Christian.  They had twin girls, Jeana and Vickie then a third baby called Camille while I was visiting other households.  Alas, tragedy struck and Vickie has died.  
Toddler Jeana

While I was visiting, it was time for Christian, Byron and Camille to have birthdays.
Byron went first

Then Camille grew to toddler
and at some point Christian officially became an adult, but he was thinking about other things

Namely asking Celia to marry him.

She accepted very willingly.

They exchanged rings at a small party.

Mostly their coworkers were in attendance.

Finally the Montgomery family indulges in some synchronized toddler training.