Sunday, September 12, 2010

The SV Times - A World of Gnus for You

People around town

by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

Today we present the promised feature on the military men and women that keep our city safe.

Cyclone: Ollie Mayweather, can you tell me about your military career?
Ollie: Don't distract me. I have a pregnant husband and two toddlers all depending on me. I need to ... damn it, lost my train of thought ... get out!

Cyclone: Evan Rose-McPherson, can you tell me about a career in the military?
Evan: Cyclone, my little Christina needs me to teach her to talk and I only have this weekend to do it. Go away.

Cyclone: Umm, no. No point trying to interview Tatianna Solez when she's in that mood. Holly Alto has already had a rough time from Tatianna.

Cyclone: Kaylynn Langerak. Kaylynn? Kaylynn? Damn, she's too busy working on Hank.

Cyclone: Marquis Pierce, do you have time to talk to us today about the military?
Marquis: Certainly, Cyclone, what would you like to chat about?

Cyclone: I was beginning to think that none of you would talk to me today.
Marquis: Our jobs are high stress. We tend to take the weekends pretty seriously as play time and family time.

Cyclone: High stress? But what do you do?
Marquis: Mostly drill so we are ready if there is any emergency. Lives could be at stake so we have to take it all quite seriously.

Cyclone: Care to tell me about your family?
Marquis: I have an adorable wife Susie. And two children, our toddler son Joey and ...

Marquis: Patsy, our teenage daughter.

Cyclone: Obligatory threat?
Marquis: Hell, yeah, don't break my girl's heart or you'll be space walking sans suit.

Fashions today

by Star Matlock

Jeb Kane is sporting the latest in runway fashions, Riot Jacket and Bunchy Style Jeans. Hair design by Marko.

Meredith is looking like the business in her 5th Avenue Suit. The hair was done by Elise.

Jeb: Meredith, why the hell did I let you talk me into this?
Mere: Shh, dear. It will make me very happy and I promised your reward.

Social Scene

by Autumn Portobella

MJ Rose-McPherson held a political fund raising party that everyone who is anyone in town attended. The guests had a great time at the party and MJ raised more than 12,000 toward her next campaign. With that sort of capital, we expect MJ to have an easy victory next election day.

Expectant parents Cyclone and Trina Sword were sharing sweet dreams of a bundle of joy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The SV Times - New Gnus Daily

People around town

by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

Today we continue our feature on the medical profession. We catch up with Morgana Wolff on her day off.
Q: Morgana, could you spare us a moment?
A: Just let me finish up here. Jeb needs to know how important I am.

Q: What kind of guy wears a full black outfit during the day to the swimming pool anyway?
A: One who needs to know the importance of doctors.

Q: So tell us about yourself Morgana?
A: Well, I am one of the team at the hospital. It's a good and important job but it's not what I hold dear in life.

Q: What do you hold dear?
A: My family. They are the most important people in the world.

Q: I understand you have quite a large family?
A: One husband and 5 children. Three boys and 2 girls.  Most people might think that's a bit on the large side. But I love kids, I want more.

Q: But I thought that the medicine career was very taxing. How can you balance family and work?
A: I spend as much time as I can at home with family. To the point of usually needing some extra sleep in the ready room every time I'm at work.

Q: I hear that the oldest boy is engaged?
A: Yes, our son Jerald proposed to his boyfriend - Jerod Alto. Nick Alto is going to spit chips when he learns his boy wants to be a Wolff and leave the Alto name behind.

Q: Teenagers can get engaged?
A: Apparently so.

Q: And the others?
A: Our teenage girl has a boyfriend but she hasn't brought him home yet. Our other teenage son seems to be interested in Nadine Hunter-Bodette.  The youngest two are still in elementary school, and they both need to study harder.

Q: Thank you very much for your time. Our next feature will be on our brave military folk.

The Social Scene

By Autumn Portobella

Jerald and Jerod quietly married the other evening and then set up a new home for themselves. The boys declared themselves to be men after the wedding. Quiet birthday celebrations for both of them ensued.

Destiny Landgraab had a birthday, much to the delight of Malcolm and Bella.

Cyclone Sword has married Trina Cartwright. They are expecting their first baby soon.

Finally Maxwell Han proposed to his girlfriend Carolina North.  Carolina had to keep her eyes from popping out at the size of the engagement ring.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The SV Times - We Find Gnus You Want to Read

People around town
by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

We move to our newest people feature, Medicine and today we talk to Jerod Hunter-Bodette.

Q: Good afternoon Jerod.
A: [Yawn] Is it afternoon? Or night? Or what? I've been on call for three days, I've completely lost track.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The SV Times - Our Gnus Hits Home

People around town

by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

Today is our final feature on members of the Llamas, Ms AJ Anderson.

Q: AJ, you are by far the oldest team member. Why haven't you retired yet?
A: I love the game and my team members. It was hard to think about retiring while I was still the MVP.