Sunday, May 23, 2010

Catching up with old friends

We'll leave our new Sims eating dinner at the local restaurant and see what they decide to do for themselves by the time we get back to them.

Here's a family not seen for quite a while. The Landgraab's, which started with my version of Malcolm IV from Sims 2 and AJ Anderson from SelahFreeAtLast.  They had three children; Mindi, Malcolm V and Daniel.  This is Mindi and Daniel.

AJ is an elder, her husband Malcolm IV has passed away.  AJ has acquired herself a boy toy, that Sim just behind her.  He's not long into young adulthood, definitely a bit young for her.

Mindi was nearly ready for her birthday to young adult and had no romantic interests.  One of the guys she liked as a friend was Mortimer Goth.  So she invited him over.

And they flirted the night away.  Once they got started, they just never paused.  She asked him to go steady and he agreed.

The next day, the two of them had their birthdays.

Mindi showing off her new look as an adult.  She now has a job in journalism.

Mortimer grown up.  That's Malcolm V, the middle child of the family behind the chair.  He looks very like his dad.

Growing up did not dim their passion.  Mindi and Mortimer took a backstage tour of the theatre which they enjoy very much.  No, no babies will come from that tour.

Daniel, the youngest son decided on a bit of a new look.  His face is more of a blend of AJ and Malcolm instead of being a clone of one parent.

Marta and Wyatt have a new son - the game gave the boy the name of Alnulfo (or something like that.)  His name is now Anthony.

Wyatt was very tired but had to take care of the baby because poor Marta almost fell over from exhaustion early.  They still live with Tyler Townsend and his girlfriend - no changes in that relationship.

Benjamin and Macy's second boy Ralph is an adorable toddler.  Macy is quite obviously expecting their next baby in another day.

And Thomas Leman was found out and about with his daughter Courtney.  The police force must have a red head policy in place - Thomas and Benjamin are cops.

 I decided that Thomas could take her to the library and teach her some useful things.  Diamonds are a Sims best friend.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brief update, introducing new Sims and a divorce in town

We left with Susie Pierce being happy after the birth of her daughter Patsy. She's celebrating by practicing guitar, which she loves.

Two of our new residents of Sunset Valley.  Anya Francois by mmmcheezy225 and Star Matlock by kjanie08.  I sent Anya to get a job in the police department and Star a job in journalism.

The rest of the new residents are here.  MJ Rose and Rick Shawn by MJ_Rose. Evan McPherson by kjanie08.

I decided to send Anya over to chat to the other new comers. While she was on her way, and I was watching this house and the Sims just standing around, Rick started dating and then got himself...

a boyfriend. I have set up my story progression to allow same gender couples but didn't expect one to pop up like this. I did have Rick's boyfriend get himself engaged to another guy but at the moment, he is more attracted to guys then girls. Anya has started trying to convince him that girls are worth dating too but they don't know each other that well and it wasn't a great success.

Newly divorced couple, Christian and Pauline.  Yes, Christian finally realised that he was married to the town Bike and a divorce soon followed.  They are actually still great friends though.

We gave Pauline the boot.  Christian doesn't need her parading her conquests in front of the two boys.

So Christian is now a single dad with two sons to care for.  He's teaching Trent to walk.  The boys should be quite handsome when grown, their daddy certainly is and Pauline is pretty cute as well.

Evan should win a prize for Sim intelligence.  He's getting better acquainted with his boss Marquis Pierce.  Since being friends with your boss makes getting promotions easier, this is a great idea and he did it all on his own.

Authors note: read this blog and want one of your sims in it?  Leave a comment on the post about the Sim you want added.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I can't currently install Sims with store content but I can install a Sim with base game/World Adventures/High-end loft content.