Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who's the Daddy?

At one point I realised that Jerod Bodette hated losing his housemate, he moved in with Jon Marsh. By the time I reached Jon's place in the rotation, he had two housemates.

Marta and Jerod Tomasi. Yep, married and she must have proposed. And what Marta wants, Marta gets. She's in the criminal career, I think at level 5. He's currently in medicine though I may get him to change since that requires mega work hours.

She dreams of the pitter patter of little feet.

And had to leave work half way through the day

for obvious reasons. Sam Grant, Mick Lessen and Jon Marsh were all invited to feel her tummy.

Not the only pregnancy in town.

Rachel again already? Little Cecil is going to have a sibling.

After I left the Marsh place, I moved Marta and Jerod to their own home. I didn't move them back to Marta's old place, it only has one bedroom and that obviously won't do. Jerod is true to form though. He usually gets started on family fairly quickly and we should see him with toddler all around town very soon.

Final pics for this update. Rebecca and Jared are very much in love

But not up to much else I fear. At least not yet.

So, who captured the heart of the lovely Zayne?

It is, of course, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Well, everyone who reads this blog.

It must be true love since Zayne left a lovely well decorated house to move in to one of the trailers at the edge of town. All to be with

Thomas Leman. Well done Thomas, you found a way to be in the blog.

They are as yet boyfriend and girlfriend

But they seem truly happy with each other

I think their partnership is going to be well known after this

Flirted in front of half the town.

Thomas needs a bit of catchup work now that he's part of the rotation.

And our dear Celia now has a second romantic interest. The first, Christian, wasn't a surprise. Her second

Malcolm was a surprise to me. I don't even remember them meeting.

Lack of pregnant tummies in town ... may not be true for too long.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some random pictures

To keep from getting too pushing with my Sims, I played Jon Lessen for a day. He found a protest rally in front of City Hall. "No more bugs". Can't say I blame them for that.

While he was chatting to Rachel, she wasn't feeling too well.

Jon asked and her housemate Tyler Townsend is also her boyfriend.

Zayne threw a party and invited tons of Sims she's met.

Celia is still rather fond of talking to Christian

Then it was Jon Marsh's turn in the rotation. He needs a lot of guitar practice still.

Grandpa doesn't look too impressed with the music.

Jon also needs to work on his relationships with his boss Jon and the other band members

While they aren't officially part of the rotation, here are the proud parents of the first of our babies.

Cecil Thorpe. Mummy and Daddy are still at the boyfriend/girlfriend stage.

Jerod is mostly working on skills but he is still building relationships too.

His housemate Kathryn was given the boot. We'll see who he really likes by the end of the next rotation.

When I first arrived at Rebecca's place, I thought she was boring. She was reading at home alone (again) and wants to learn a new recipe (again). Then when I checked her relationship panel, and she has a boyfriend.

That's Jared Carter in his work outfit. I approve, Jared is a cutie and who can resist a Sim in uniform.

So I sent her housemate Auston to visit his best friend, Tanya

Later I shifted the households and Jared is living with Rebecca. Auston has moved in with Tanya.

Rebecca certainly doesn't like to be flirted with by a married guy.

Finally, I had said that Teresa Muleskinner wanted a baby. So the Muleskinners are welcoming Doug into their lives.

They are both in the military (one of them has Jared as their boss) and will need to keep in tip top shape.

It was already Doug's birthday so here he is as a toddler.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New beginnings

A new round with the same Sims but a few differences this time. I set the Sims up in homes, some of them start with housemates and some don't. I went around on day 1 and had most of the Sims take jobs plus sent them to a skill class or two. They were then to go somewhere that was likely to have other Sims to meet. This included the Sims I was adding to the neighborhood with no intention of putting in the rotation. I did have a lot of meeting, greeting and flirting these first few days just to set the neighborhood in motion.

Sims in the rotation: Zayne Hunter, Celia Pendragon, Sam Grant, Rebecca Smith, Jon Marsh, Grandpa Muleskinner, and Jerod Bodette.

Unfortunately, I left story progression off most of the first week so they weren't doing to much random stuff. It's back on and so things should get more interesting.

One final picture from the previous save. Usually in China, a Sim runs or uses a bicycle. But when Jon Lessen went to China...

After I had set up the households, I went back to my first one. I have Zayne, Sam and Celia sharing a house. I like Sims sharing a house, it means they definitely have a few acquaintances. So I found Zayne and Sam at the pool, which was packed with Sims.

I sent Sam over to the bistro to talk to some other Sims, I have no idea why they were all lined up in formation though. It's kind of funny that Jerod, Jon Marsh, Rebecca and Sam are all lined like that since they are all in the rotation.

Celia was off practicing guitar.

And then I realised Zayne was witnessing a major event. Alas poor Wyatt.

Back at home, Celia had let Christian Montgomery in. They chatted for just a moment then I had her flirt once. Once they started they went on

and on

Sam may have realised that he's already lost his chance with Celia. That was a very hot and heavy session for a first encounter.

Zayne is in the music career and I had her introduce herself to a lot of Sims that day. Plus flirt with any male in her path. Sam is in the athletic career and I've had him meet a fair few Sims. He's also flirted with a few girls including Celia.

Rebecca Smith is in the culinary career.

She also has a housemate, Auston.

They've also been sent around to meet, greet and get acquainted with some Sims.

Jon Marsh lives alone in a humble small house. That should help motivate him to get out and about. He's in the music career and has zipped up to level 5.

He needs a lot of guitar practice

And he has yet to learn that not ever woman will fall for his charms. Yvette Grisby must be very happily married.

Jerod Bodette is in a small house with Kathryn. I'm fond of him because he usually produces babies early in a neighborhood and he's always carrying a toddler around if he has one. He's with Kathryn since they tend to get together at some point. He's in the medicine career. I think Kathryn is a journalist.

But maybe not this time

He and Marta kept flirting with each other until they very nearly fell over from exhaustion.

Finally Grandpa and Teresa Muleskinner

They both wanted to join the military and Teresa wants a baby. They'll get what they want.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to reset this game

I've been trying not to, because I love the kids of Malcolm and AJ and those of Alicia and Jon Lessen. But twice in one morning, it glitched to the blue screen of death. I can play the Indiana Sam save for hours without any major problems.

I'll keep this save in case anyone wants to adopt one of the born in games to a different game. But I have to start over, this is just a bit ridiculous.

On the other hand, part of what was keeping me from playing too often was the idea that Grandpa Muleskinner, then Jon Lessen, then Malcolm Landgraab IV (my version) were due to meet Grimmy quite soon. A reset will keep that from happening.

Expect the new neighborhood before the end of the week. I'll probably set up with the usual suspects and dump many of the premades.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just a few pics and the story of a holiday

Still roaming the neighborhood, looking around. When I return to this game, I make sure that aging and story progression are off. When I have a better sense of what's going on, the game will resume - or get reset if I can't wrap my head around it.

This was an interesting glitch, poor Angel

when she stopped playing with that table, everything was normal again but the table wasn't good for her. :)

I went over to visit Celia Pendragon and Zayne Hunter. Zayne was at work but Celia was home and chatting to Dustin Lessen

Then I visited Sam Grant. Sent him to the Waterhole, then started sending many of my families there.

Three families later and Sam was still dancing with Rebecca Smith (worsiedog). I left while the various Sims were still arriving, departing and socialising.

I then spent a great deal of time sending the Leman family; Thomas, Kristen, Marcy and Kaitlin on a World adventure holiday. The girls mostly were sent to a place and left to fend for themselves. They must have been a bit bored.

Kristen did a bit of socialising with the locals and some shopping. Thomas did just enough stuff to reach visa level 1. And their chosen place was France, in France, Thomas and Kristen once again got the heart icon from being around each other. France really is for love. No pictures, trying to do stuff with 4 sims in one holiday was taking all my concentration. I think until the family has a holiday house, one Sim at a time is it from here on.