About this blog (Read Me)

This Sims 3 game is all about free will and what Sims do when they are allowed to mostly take control of their own lives.

The game has been reset a couple of times. The first time was due to being away from it too long to really remember what happened to whom. The second was because EA story progression kept killing Sim babies/toddlers from my families and I was getting worried about why that happened more than once. One baby and 2 toddlers from my families died.

The current game started in March 2010. I'm now using Twallan's Story Progression mod which is doing a much better job at making things happen around town. More births, more jobs, more marriages.

The current format of The SV Times started in August 2010. It helps make more sense of skipping from family to family by doing the newspaper form instead of just jumping place to place.

This is not a story blog, a legacy blog or really a normal Sims 3 blog at all. I use this to try a number of ideas - some work and some don't. Because it's so odd, I don't worry about followers or views or comments much. I still do appreciate anyone who does stop by and leaves behind a word or two.