List of previous guest Sims

From before March 2010

The following Sims have been added to the neighborhood and may or may not appear.

Alicia by SelahFreeAtLast
Jon by SelahFreeAtLast
AJ by SelahFreeAtLast
Wyatt by SelahFreeAtLast
Benjamin by SelahFreeAtLast
Kristen by VenusABatson
Celia by Chrysame
Mick by Chrysame
Marta by Chrysame
Macy by Chrysame
Zayne by Sue_D_Nim
Tyler by Sue_D_Nim
Rachel by Sue_D_Nim
Rebecca by Worsiedog
Ian by Worsiedog
Sierra by Muleskinner
Grandpa by Muleskinner
Jerod by shay480
Riley by lovints
Kanye by snurfles
Kathryn by SimpsonFly
Dugan by Gruffman
Jared by LynelleF
Simself 1.0 by velcroshoes
Sarah by elenisav2
Christian by Rflong7
Auston by Rflong7
Clover by sidonzo
Charlie by Catloverplayer
Lisa by Catloverplayer
Thomas by me
Sam by me
Tanya by me
Malcolm by me