Sunday, May 15, 2011

The SV Times - Autumn Portobella's Blog

This is Autumn Portobella (nee Cusack) and my first blog post.

Yes, Antonio and I finally got around to tying the knot. It only took forever for us to decide to seal the deal. If our daughter wants to move in with a man when she leaves home, we won't have any room to complain. But he better treat her well, she is the apple of her father's eye.

Usually life is pretty quiet for us. But tonight we had a spirit invasion and had to get the local ghost hunter over to deal with it. Meredith Kane is quite the professional at capturing spirits. It wasn't long before she had captured all of our spirits.

The Portobella Family

Autumn Portobella

Age: Adult
Occupation: Journalism - currently Professional Blogger
Characteristics: Brave, Absent-Minded, Clumsy, Hopeless Romantic, Computer Whiz
Brief biography: Once Sunset Valley's main pizza deliverer, Autumn has since moved to the journalism career. Her pieces for the local SV Times are usually the social group events; picnics, the chess tournament championships, etc. She works well with her colleagues and remembers to bring along a pizza for lunch from time to time.

Antonio Portobella

Sim Origins:MJ_Rose
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Law Enforcement - currently Vice Squad
Characteristics: Slob, Great Kisser, Daredevil, Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic
Brief biography: Antonio moved to town and immediately became a police officer. While still new, he ordered delivery pizza frequently and became acquainted with Autumn, who was the local pizza delivery girl. He has moved up the ranks quickly with his daredevil tendencies to take risks that other officers won't.

Patricia Portobella

Daughter of Antonio and Autumn
Age: teen
Characteristics: Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, Hydrophobic, Lucky
Brief biography: Patricia has relatively recently entered her teen years and has yet to be active on the romance scene.  Her ultimate goal in life is to succeed in the business career. She can be found frequenting the lounge chairs at the local beach.