Monday, September 28, 2009

More random pics

Probably the last lot of random pics till next weekend though. :-)

I love that Sims can carry the babies and toddlers with them around town

Kristen and Kaitlin Leman

Jon Marsh cuddling Josie, his newest baby.

Really, Josie is almost too cute

Tanya Marsh wasn't happy when Kathy was caught out past curfew

Malcolm helps Mindi with her homework

Jerod and Lacie Bodette

Elvis Lessen hits teen.

So the teens I know of in town are the girls Fatima, Kathy, Mindi and Marcy.  The boys - well, it was only Dustin until Elvis aged up.  There is a random teen not from one of my families who does look pretty promising.  Still, my girls may be fighting over the guys...

Grandpa Muleskinner - latest news

Likely to be his final update given his age of 197 days and counting.

Grandpa cares for his collection of 11 perfect fish. Unfortunately I doubt he'll manage to catch 2 more species to complete the collection. He's been a bit busy lately...

He still loves Roxie

Enough to want to make an honest woman of her since they had *very* recently tried for a baby.

Roxie has commitment issues so to proceed at this point, I had her do the next proposal. :-)

The end result was a sweet quiet wedding

And on their wedding night, they had an unexpected visitor

Grandpa fought the intruder fiercely

But alas, he lost.

The next day they went off to City Hall and found some jamming music outside

Now I left them alone for a couple of days. When I returned, a very pregnant Roxie really wanted to play her guitar for a while.

The blond male is Jerod, who has brought Shantel to the park to teach her to walk.

The park had quite a crowd when Roxie suddenly needed to get to a hospital

And here is Grandpa with baby Tricia Muleskinner

I'm not sending Grandpa to fish. He has other things to attend to. :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Other pictures from the hood

Fatima Bagley - daughter of Rhoda and Don is nearly a young adult now

Don is another Leader of the Free World.

Jon Marsh is level 9 of the music career

and his wife Tanya is level 8 in athletics.

Their son Dexter

Kathy Marsh (teen) dancing with Dustin Lessen (teen)

The next morning, Dustin went to visit Kathy

and when last seen, they were getting along very well

Malcolm with Andrew

Would pink hair damage a boy's development? Will he go to a mirror to be a blond like he should?

Intense toddler training sessions

Mindi Landgraab has her birthday

This is downright weird. The clothes and hair are acceptable after Mindi aged up.

Toddler Malcolm also got a birthday.

Now there are only two toddlers in the house. I think AJ and Malcolm make nice babies together.

Baby boom - I've been so bad...

Lot's of new babies in Riverview.

Shantel has acquired a baby sister Lacie. I haven't visited since Lacie's arrival but she probably looks much like Shantel at the moment.

Tanya starting throwing up soon after this

I believe the baby is born but I haven't been back to see yet.

Here's Kaitlin Leman, second child of Thomas and Kristen.

Kind of knew that Jon and Alicia might be expecting again

Dee, you are going to love this name. Alicia and Jon have a little girl to go with their boys.

Meet Alice, the new addition to the family.

Malcolm and AJ now have 4 children. This is Angel

Angel and Andrew both acquired their mom's new look hair color.

I need someone to take away the Try for Baby option sometimes.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Progress report of the Sim volunteers

An update on your Sims

Riley aged to young adult

Samantha, Dugan and Sarah at the end of their first day of exploring town and gaining skills

Samantha in her work clothes talking to a random Sim

Sarah out and about


Samantha was the first to have a romance. Here she is with Dallas, her love

I found Kathryn and Riley in the gym. And found that Kathryn had married the missing Jerod plus they had a baby girl Shantel.

Kathryn invited Jerod over once but he forgot the baby

She has Jerod on her mind

She invited Jerod to move in and the baby could move in with her dad. So now Mom and baby reunited

Career wise Kathryn is level 6 culinary. Kanya was unemployed at last check. Riley is still level 1. Jerod is no longer level one but I forgot to see where he was once I got him moved back in. Samantha is still level 1 of Journalism. Sarah was level 5 culinary and Dugan was level 3. Jared is still somewhere in town but not in one of the homes I can find. So I don't know what he's been up to.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Next piccie update, the Lessen family

Since I've been regularly posting pics of these guys, it won't be quite as overwhelming.

Dustin Lessen is now a teen. I think he needs a wee bit of athletic training.

Elvis aged to child now. He can learn to play music, even if it's still a bit early for him to play guitar yet.

And here's Jon serenading the love of his life.

Jon's retired and Alicia has no job. But that house is well funded so that's not a real problem.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AJ Anderson and Malcolm - a history in pictures

Malcolm and AJ met early on

But it took some time for one of them to pop the question. AJ did it in the gym, such a romantic place, no?

A bit more light chat

Which lead to

Which had some predictable results

Malcolm carrying Mindi

Mindi's first birthday

AJ proved that Sims still are not good in fire emergencies. There wasn't an alarm and if I hadn't stepped in, Malcolm would have been a widower - possibly with no family at all.

Malcolm celebrates his birthday. Not realizing he was about to pop from young adult to elder with barely a day between.

AJ and Mindi

Malcolm as an elder catching up with an old friend

Mindi as a child

Second baby who is named after his dad. AJ is dyeing her hair to stop feeling like a middle age mom.

How could you do this to me again?

Malcolm grown to toddler

The new leader of the free world

And the first thing he did when he got home after the big promotion? Go off to care for Andrew, their third child

Believe it or not, there were some pics of the family I skipped. But not many. :-) I did get to name Malcolm and Andrew but used the random trait button so I didn't pick those.