Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere

Phillip and Annabelle.  He may be flirty and a bit clumsy but he seems to be shaping up as a devoted daddy.  Annabelle will be lovely with such a handsome dad and mum.

Went to visit Tyler Townsend, who shares his house with his girlfriend Kimberlee.  They live with Marta and Wyatt Walker.  For reasons unknown, Tyler and Wyatt were hanging out at the graveyard.  Tyler was talking to Jenni Averti - Angelo's wife.

Wyatt was busy making friends with Beau Andrews.

So I sent Wyatt home for some quality time with Marta.  There is a baby on the way before I left their home.

I briefly visited Bettina and Hank Butler.  I hate to report that they were so dull that I left them again fairly quickly.  Hank and Pauline had a falling out fairly quickly into the game and Bettina decided he was the one for her.

Christi Clayton is doing well in her career in politics.

She and her townie hubby are also about to engage in some baby making.

Ripley and Hugo have a daughter, Kristina.  They are both very happy about the new addition and have both wanted to snuggle their new little sweetie.  Sierra came over to chat and coo over the new baby.

Across the road, the pub is jumping and full of Sims.  Pauline Wan Montgomery with her older son Trent. 

Ripley decided to share baby tips with Hugo.

Hugo is so happy about his family.  First a major session with his new baby.

Then he decided to get engaged to Ripley.  It took them a little romancing to get there...

But Hugo did get to pop the question and Ripley said yes.  Hugo was a bit late for work that day but he thinks it was well worth it.

Susie Pierce and her husband have also welcomed a new baby into their lives.  Meet Patsy Pierce.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Couples and some baby time

When we last saw Kacyn, she was dating a really horrible townie, Alan Wanatabe.  I had her break up with Alan and move in with Hugo. 

She and Hugo were getting along but didn't seem very interested in each other.

I wanted Kacyn to chat up her boss and get a promotion.  Even after discussing work several times, Ask for promotion refused to come up.  Kacyn went to work the next day knowing that her promotion by the end of the day was in the bag.

Since Hugo and Kacyn weren't too interested in each other, it was time to add some new friends to their lives.  Sierra found that her husband Clover had an affair with the town bike and dumped him.  So Hugo started chatting up Ripley and Sierra while Kacyn talked to Angelo. 

Kacyn didn't click with Angelo but Hugo found Ripley very interesting.

Hugo met up with his mentor, Malcolm.  Malcolm was Leader of the Free World, a title that Hugo wants.

Very soon after that meeting, Malcolm was claimed by the Grim Reaper.  His widow AJ is going to have an interesting time.  Their youngest son Daniel is the town bully and causes trouble all the time.

Finally Kacyn has some luck with romance.  This is Clover, dumped by Sierra for following the town bike.  But I know he's a good Sim at heart, I've had him in a number of games now.  Later on, they become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Hugo also finds a bit of luck with love.  He and Ripley are getting on very well.

Hugo convinces Ripley to be his girlfriend.  And they retire to bed to have a bit of fun. Perhaps too much since there is a baby in their future. Hugo is a family oriented guy.  He'll love it.

Angelo has settled down with a townie called Jenni.  Decent looking townie too.

Phillip and Rachel are expecting their first baby.  Phillip has been quite excited by the event, wanting to read a pregnancy book and he wanted a baby girl.

Thomas Leman, currently a cop has married Tywla Summers Leman, currently a thief.  Their daughter is Courtney, she has inherited daddy's hair.  Apparently the police are recruiting red heads, Benjamin Lee is also a cop and also has red hair.

Mick Lessen married a townie called Linda.  They have a baby girl, Debbie.  Dad was home with the baby when I visited.

Rachel had the girl that Phillip wanted.  Her name is Annabelle.  The parents are very happy with the new baby.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random from Our Sims around town

Hugo Hawke has moved into town.  A bit later than most of our Sims but I'm sure he'd rather move in later than not at all.

Like other Sims, Hugo enjoys a quick meal for free if he can find it.

There was some rapid construction work done across the street from Hugo.  When he went to investigate, he found that a new pub had been built there.  The first few nights have proven very popular, many Sims from around town have been there to try it out.

Phillip and Rachel married and moved to a home of their own.  The big houses are good for meeting people but now this couple feels they need some alone time.  I'm leaving them alone for the time being...we'll see what they get up to.

Kacyn is standing behind her boyfriend Alan Watanbe.  He seems like a stunningly bad choice of boyfriends.  He's not cute.  He is a loner, evil, inappropriate and mean-spirited.  Generally a nasty piece of work and one that you'd think she'd avoid.

Macy and Benjamin are inseparable, as you'd expect from such a cute married couple.

Must have been a boy's night out.  Clover Hill has married Sierra Nevada - they are now the Nevada-Hill family.  Thomas Leman lost his girlfriend Delia and has retaken the title of town Casanova from Jon Marsh.  Thomas is dating Twyla Summers (town thief) and they have a baby girl called Courtney.  Angelo still hasn't found the right girl.

Ripley hasn't found the right guy either.  Behind Ripley is Marquis Pierce - Susie Pierce's husband.  Pretty good looking for a townie.

When free will fails, a little nudge might help things along.  Ripley and Angelo with their first kiss.

Ripley then went back to her townie ex-boyfriend.

Ripley then broke up and has an ex-ex-boyfriend.  She's having a hard time deciding about this relationship obviously.

Christian Montgomery decided to move in with Pauline Wan after she ditched Hank.  She's the town bike but she and Christian still decided to get married after the birth of their baby Trent.  Poor Christian, does he realise that Pauline breaks more marriages across town then anything else?

Kacyn, Alan, Macy and baby David were going to the gym when I went to catch up with that family.  Kacyn has nearly reached level 4 of her job but the boss refused to promote her. 

Macy and David were sent home so I could age David up to see how he'd grow.

David and his daddy.  Looks like another fine boy who is looking a lot like his daddy.  Kacyn and Alan have been moved out of the home but Auntie Ripley still lives here.  Maybe David will inspire her.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Zayne and Jerod and baby time

As previously predicted, when Jerod gets into a relationship, babies will not be far behind. Here is their first little girl, Nandini.  Zayne's pink hair colour seems to happen to many of her babies.

Poor Jerod the couch potato has a job in medicine.  This is a very intensive career requiring long hours.  He's lucky to get much time at home.  Birthday cake will probably be his main source of food for days.

He did want to teach his little girl though.  And Jerod had another want very soon after my visit started.

Yep, he wanted a baby.  As soon as he knew Zayne was pregnant again, he wanted a little girl.  Poor Zayne didn't get much say whether it was already time for another baby.

I don't think Zayne really minds the idea.  She's quite happy about the whole thing.

Because she loves her first little girl.  Wanted to teach her to walk and talk.

All too soon, it's that time.  Even doctors do the pregnancy panic dance.

The newest resident of Sunset Valley is baby Joanna.  It seems likely that we'll be seeing Nandini and Joanna around town with their dad.  Probably with their mum too but Jerod loves to go to the park with his little ones.