Sunday, October 10, 2010

The SV Times - The Gnus when You Need It

People around town

by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

Today we continue our feature on the music community. Our first interview is with Mick and Linda Lessen.
Cyclone: Mick, how do you feel about the local music scene?
Mick: It's pretty active, between the rock concerts and the orchestra.

Cyclone: And you play?
Mick: It's all Rock and Roll to me.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The SV Times - Freshest Gnus Gathered Daily

People around town

by Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

Our new feature is on the musical community in the Valley.

Cyclone: Good evening Mr Marsh.
Jon: Good evening Cyclone.

Cyclone: So would you like to tell me about your position in the music world?
Jon: Well, I've been slowly making my way up in the business for a long time. I'm finally a permanent member of the orchestra, I have conducting and composing music firmly in my sight.

Cyclone: I understand the hours are a bit strange?
Jon: Well, the main performance is always in the evening, so it's a late night and a late start to the day.

Cyclone: And about your family?
Jon: Ah, That's not going so well. My wife, Alicia kicked me out of the house and out of her life. She just suddenly snapped and said she couldn't stand the groupies nor my Casanova ways.

Cyclone: Alicia, we hear that you've recently divorced Jon?
Alicia: Well, Caroline is growing up quickly and I don't want her to see the constant parade of women vying for Jon's attention.

Cyclone: Our next interviewee is Mortimer Landgraab-Goth, local talent scout.
Mortimer: Hi Cyclone.

Cyclone: So, is the life of a talent scout stressful?
Mortimer: Not really. I get to travel around town, watching for performances in the parks. See who's getting the crowds.

Cyclone: Is that it?
Mortimer: I also sit in on guitar lessons. Some people have the gift from the moment they touch the instrument.

Cyclone: Care to tell me about your family?
Mortimer: I have a lovely wife Mindi, and a son Seth. You should know Mindi, she's another journo.

Cyclone: I hear that you and Mindi have paid for a big renovation in Goth Manor?
Mortimer: Yes, my dad and his dad all claimed that the gloomy nursery helped build character. I think that's rubbish, it just builds nightmares.

Cyclone: Was it costly?
Mortimer: It certainly wasn't cheap but our son has a nice room with colourful toys and paintings. Not a dull grey room.

Seth Landgraab-Goth

Fashions today

by Star Matlock
Apparently one of our models needs extra persuasion to perform today. The situation is being handled by an expert.

And here they are
Meredith is sporting the latest in peasant fashion, Charmed. Her hair today is by Vicki.

Jeb is showing some frilly flair with a Bardly Shirt. His hair today is by Eric.

Social Scene

by Autumn Portobella

Latest news from the Sw0rd home is that baby Nicole was born today.

The parents are exhausted and very happy with their new daughter.