Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some of us get a bit busy

Love is in the air around Sunset Valley. We've had some engagements, some marriages but so far no babies for our little group.

Benjamin and Macy keep this up for hours on end. It was no surprise that they decided to get married.

I love meeting new people. Especially unattached females but I like having a good chat with everyone.

Can't make any moves on this one. AJ came to town with a husband, a daughter and one son. They have two sons now.

Ripley met up with Thomas. At some point, Thomas gave up being the town Casanova. Jon Marsh has that title now. Thomas has a girlfriend Delia, it must be love that made him give up Casanova.

And I find my geeky little Rachel to be irresistible. She looks so cute as a science geek.

I'm helping relief stress from her work day.

This was interesting. You see, Wyatt has a girlfriend, Bettina. Marta doesn't have a boyfriend at this time. I hope Bettina doesn't find out that Wyatt is a bit fond of Marta too, or the sparks may fly.

I heard that Pauline Wan was a bit lonely after she dumped Hank for following the town bike.

And I had a chat with Ripley. She came into my room before I'd even gotten dressed for the day. Did she like the view?

I'm still chatting with everyone to build charisma. I hear that enough charisma and you can charm everyone.

This is Delia, Thomas's girlfriend. She's not bad looking at all.

This is Esteban, Christi's new husband. Yes, Christi was the first of us to get married. Benjamin and Macy weren't far behind. And then I married Rachel. What can I say, she's just too cute to lose.

Round-up of relationships. Angelo, Mick, Sierra, Marta, Alicia, Ripley and Clover have no official relationships though they may have romantic interests.
Zayne Hunter is with Jerod Bodette. Since Jerod is involved, I expect babies soon. Bettina is still Wyatt's girlfriend. Jon Marsh had a girlfriend but they broke up. Christian had a girlfriend but when she refused even small romantic gestures, I told him to end it. Susie is going with a townie called Marquis. Tyler is going with a townie called Kimberlee.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meeting the new neighbors

I've been asked to introduce to some of the other households that moved in about the time that we did.

Here are the housemates from house one.
This is Susie, talking to Sierra. I've been told Sierra was hit hard by the great failure of Store content - I have no idea what that means.  Susie is quite cute, I must introduce myself sometime.

Christi, one of Suzie's housemates.

Angelo is another.

Jerod is the final housemate of that house. He seems a bit confused by life. He is a couch potato but he wants to be a doctor, one of the most active professions that I know.

Here are the people living in the house on the other side of us.
Marta Tomasi meeting Ripley. There is something odd about the two of them meeting like this, I need to think about what it might be.

Rachel, a very bright chick. Lots of potential here.

Tyler, a happy-go-lucky sort of a fellow. 

Wyatt rounds out this household.

Finally the third recent set of arrivals
Bettina and Christian

Mick Lessen

Sierra lives with this group.

Sierra and a couple of other girls have been checking out Thomas Leman. He thinks he's hot with that bad boy outfit. I'll have to show him, but I better work on my charisma. I'll charm every one of his girls.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good thing it's a big house

Hello, my name is Phillip. I moved into Sunset Valley, and got a good deal on a house. But it's only a great deal because I have 5 housemates.
This is me with Ripley. Ripley is into arts. She wants to play music and paint.

I've been told I look a lot like my dad. Odd since I have no memory of having a dad at all.

This is Benjamin and Macy.  Benjamin is hoping to be a spy someday.    Can't remember offhand what Macy wants from life.

Sorry about the quality of the picture here. Kacyn was just getting home from the graveyard.  What a chef wanna-be was doing in a graveyard at night was a bit of a mystery.

This guy is Clover.  His want is to have  a perfect garden.  He has elf blood so plants should really respond to him.

As for me, I want romance.  Lots and lots of it. My relationship with Ripley is a good start in the right direction.  I've heard about my competition already.  Some guy called Thomas Leman is the town Casanova.  He better watch out, I'm after his title.

Damn, they beat me to first kiss.  And I thought I was fast.

This guy is living on his own at the moment.  His name is Jon.  His new house had a pipeline burst when he moved in.  Poor guy had to spend most of his first day in town fixing the plumbing.

First day in town and there was a huge protest at city hall.  I think there are too many jellyfish in town lakes.  Do jellyfish prevent other fish from showing up?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Since I need to rebuild

I've tried a few tricks but there is no store content yet.  I have one more trick up my sleeve but after that I will proceed onward without store content.

In the meantime dear followers, I will restart a game and was wondering if anyone had particular Sims they wanted put into town. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Technical difficulties

I had restarted a Riverview game.  I had houses with Sims, they had jobs, the first few had romance.

And then my machine wanted to do an update to the software that drives the virtual machine that runs Sims 3.  This was a critical mistake, my store content can no longer be found by the game.  This includes Riverview, all the downloaded clothes and hair etc.  I can see all the files in the correct areas but the game can't access them.

So I may try asking the tech support of the virtual machine people what change they may have made to accessing files that is so crucial.  I may have to reinstall Sims 3.