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Family Bios from Sunset Valley - Warren-Hawke, Landgraab (see note) and Goth families

The Warren-Hawke Family

Hugo Warren-Hawke

Sim Origins: by Chrysame
Age: Adult
Occupation: Politics - City Council Member
Characteristics: Absent-minded, brave, family-oriented, grumpy, friendly
Brief biography: Hugo's ultimate goal is to be the leader of the free world. He has been hampered in this goal, there is a lot of competition for politics and so far he has not gained enough recognition to climb as high as he would like. He also does not realize that his much loved wife Ripley is a major liability to his goals. If her true profession came to light during a campaign, he'd be lucky to be allowed to fetch coffee for even the Yes Men in the department.

Ripley Warren-Hawke

Sim Origins: by Chrysame
Age: Adult
Occupation: Criminal - Bank robber
Characteristics: Flirty, brave, excitable, artistic, kleptomaniac
Brief biography: Ripley's true love is the arts. However, her aptitudes in bravery and kleptomania have enabled her to excel in the darker arts of thievery. It is said that Ripley could make a watch disappear off the arm of the local cop while they were paying attention and they would still have no clue what happened. Ripley has tried gently to inform Hugo of her profession, but so far he has yet to notice her hints.

Kristina Warren-Hawke

Daughter of Hugo and Ripley Warren-Hawke
Age: Teen
Characteristics: Slob, workaholic, disciplined, artistic
Brief biography: Workaholic and disciplined Kristina wants to make an impression at school so that she can go far. She has chosen the profession of interior design as her main goal in life. While she is strong on design skills, she has yet to work on her people skills that will help her business flourish as she deals with difficult clients.

Roberta Warren-Hawke

Daughter of Hugo and Ripley Warren-Hawke
Age: Child
Characteristics: Brave, athletic, friendly
Brief biography: The younger daughter of Hugo and Ripley. Like many children, she spends so much time either doing homework or watching tv that she is barely acquainted with anyone else in town.

The Landgraab IV Family

Special note, this family starts with Malcolm Landgraab IV - my attempt at remaking the Sim from Bluewater Village in Sims 2. They have no relationship to the Landgraabs of Sunset Valley.

Malcolm Landgraab IV

Sim Origins: by PiB
Age: Deceased
Characteristics: Ambitious, Charismatic, Slob, Grumpy, Athletic

AJ Anderson Landgraab

Sim Origins: by SelahFreeAtLast
Age: Deceased
Characteristics: lucky, angler, loves the outdoors, athletic

Birth order of their three children - Mindi (Landgraab-Goth), Malcolm (Landgraab V) and Daniel Landgraab

Daniel Landgraab

Son of AJ and Malcolm Landgraab IV
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Law enforcement - Desk jockey
Characteristics: Brave, loves the outdoors, excitable, bookworm, hot-headed
Brief biography: Hot-headed Daniel has always found his temper to be a problem. His relationships at school suffered greatly, no one wanted to be around if his temper got the best of him. He and his official girlfriend Debbie can barely stand to be in the same room. Daniel hopes the discipline required from law enforcement will help him curb his tongue. He lives with his older brother and family.

Landgraab V family

Malcolm Landgraab V

Son of AJ and Malcolm Landgraab IV
Age: Young adult
Occupation: Self employed fisherman - saltwater initiate
Characteristics: Neurotic, loves the outdoors, athletic, friendly, angler
Brief biography: Heir of the family and family name, Malcolm prefers outdoor pursuits above all others. He especially adores fishing. He is willing to spend all hours in any weather to catch the perfect specimen. Not much of one to socialize for the sake of it, he holds a deep affection for his older sister and her son. His marriage with Tatianna has finally provided him with a son of his own and an heir to the family name and traditions.

Tatianna Landgraab

Sim origins: by Kaleeko
Age: Young adult
Occupation: Military - Grunt
Characteristics: Perfectionist, dislikes children, snob, athletic, mean spirited
Brief biography: Tatianna's disposition leaves most of the town reluctant to be in the same building with her. One of her few friends was Malcolm. Friendship turned to love one evening and the pair have been doing well since.

Malcolm Landgraab VI

Son of Tatianna and Malcolm Landgraab V
Age: Baby
Characteristics: Athletic, virtuoso
Brief biography: NA

Goth family

Gunther Goth

Age: Deceased
Characteristics: Grumpy, charismatic, frugal, workaholic, brave

Cornelia Goth

Age: Deceased
Characteristics: Grumpy, charismatic, neat, unflirty, perfectionist

Birth order of their children Mortimer (Landgraab-Goth), Rena Goth

Rena Goth

Daughter of Gunther and Cornelia Goth
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Culinary - Kitchen Scullion
Characteristics: Insane, loves the outdoors, loser, athletic, easily impressed
Brief biography: Rena was the surprise child born late in their lives to Gunther and Cornelia Goth. Her father died soon after her birth. Cornelia grew more interested in finding a new partner then she was in raising her second child. Rena suffered from this lack of love, she finds it hard to make friends. Her only friend is her teen sweetheart Walter. Rena has yet to move away from home, her brother Mortimer has not pressed her to leave.

Landgraab-Goth family

Mortimer Landgraab-Goth

Son of Gunther and Cornelia Goth
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Music - Lyricist
Characteristics: Hopeless romantic, artistic, grumpy, heavy sleeper, ambitious
Brief biography: Mortimer knew by the end of high school, there were two things he wanted in life. To make his family even wealthier then the had been and to have Mindi Landgraab for his wife. A hopeless romantic himself, his lyrics reach out to pull the hearts of every concert going fan. It's said that his concerts cause more proposals then any other single factor. And two days after the concert, the couples come to their senses and break off the relationship.

Mindi Landgraab-Goth

Daughter of Malcolm and AJ Landgraab
Age: Young adult
Occupation: Journalism - Investigative reporter
Characteristics: Neurotic, genius, good, light sleeper, kleptomaniac
Brief biography: Mindi wants to master the arts of writing and painting. She currently works as a freelance journalist for a local magazine, not as one of the SV Times writers. She is thinking about becoming a self-employed writer and creating a children's book series which she would write and illustrate. Her neurotic tendencies stem from needing to swipe things and then feeling guilty until she has a chance to return them. She has yet to admit her habit to Mortimer.

Seth Landgraab-Goth

Son of Mortimer and Mindi Landgraab-Goth
Age: Child
Characteristics: Over-emotional, good, easily impressed
Brief biography: So far, life has been good for the young Seth. He still has yet to master doing homework in time for school. He is extremely fond of his mother and uncle, his father is nearly a stranger to him.


  1. Sorry about the continuing bios people. Tis good for me to have a reference of who is who throughout town.

  2. I don't mind the bios! Like I said previously, they give more insight into the characters, which is helpful for everybody.

    Actually surprised to see Tatianna--didn't realize she was in this 'hood.

  3. Tat was dumped into the hood back when I was trying to find a mate for Cyclone. I came to my senses about her and Cyclone, if they ever fought, she'd break him in two.

    She was briefly mentioned the day Cyclone was trying to interview military people, she had been arguing with someone and Cyclone decided not to talk to her.

    So she was quietly making enemies in the background when young adult Malcolm V decided to start seeing the very nearly elder Alicia. At this point, Alicia suddenly moved in with Connor, got engaged and pregnant then Tatianna and Malcolm became a couple. Tat is a much more suitable age. So far, she seems to be doing well, their relationship bar is quite high still. Tat is also still good friends with Cyclone. And hates about 4 Sims with a passion - and dislikes nearly everyone else she ever met.

    So it's a free will hood to a point but don't press your luck. LOL


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