Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching up with Jon, Jerod, Rebecca and Grandpa

This is Jeanine Carpenter-Rhodes, daughter of Meadow and Jon Marsh.

Jon and Meadow are still getting along but

I made Jon propose and Meadow refused him.  I'm not sure if it was because their relationship wasn't quite high enough or because one of Meadow's traits is insane.

Jon returned to his true love, the guitar.  Clover Hill and Benjamin Lee were both impressed with his skill.

Marta and Jerod were asked to try for another baby.  Their first girl, Lacie is doing well in school and is still a pretty child.

She may be smelly but she's happy about being pregnant again.

Marta rang her boss for a chat and started bragging about the pregnancy immediately.

We welcome to the neighborhood Jasper Smith,  Rebecca and Jared's second child.  The first died as an infant.

Rebecca is quite happy with her little man.

My game has been doing well at producing boys for the next generation but not well with girls.  To balance that, I took Chrysame's Sim Macy Monroe and SelahFreeAtLast's Sim Benjamin Lee.  I put them into CAS and used the genetics tool to make three daughters.  There is the toddler
Katie Lee
And her two older sisters
Tracy Lee

Kim Lee
This family currently lives next door to the Muleskinners.  Though at the rate everyone is moving in the hood, I expect they'll change homes at least once.

Jeffry Muleskinner, an expected addition to the family.  Before I left the Muleskinner family last time, I made sure they would have a second child.  But when I got to the house this time, Grandpa threw the wish for a baby girl.  This was because Teresa was expecting their third baby...

Donna Muleskinner.  I had just  barely enough time to feed Teresa enough watermelon to ensure a little girl.  Jeffry clearly inherited his eye colour from his mother.

Both Doug and Grandpa were ready for a birthday.  Doug was doing well in school and so actually aged up well.  Grandpa was just going from young adult to adult.  At some point, he passed the fishing challenge of catching 350 fish, though only a few are in his inventory.

Doug after aging up started as

But he thought a new look might catch some girls.

And now to completely astound you with my magnificent, stupendous, absolutely amazing creation from CAW

LOL after that buildup, you would have been stunned. Not a user friendly tool.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zayne, Celia, and Sam

Once more into the breach dear friends.

I went to visit Zayne and Thomas to find Zayne at work and Thomas walking down the street with Derrick to visit the hospital. Why Thomas wanted to visit the hospital with the toddler is a mystery.  They both got hungry so I sent them home.

By the next morning, Thomas wanted to teach Derrick to walk. 

Zayne wanted to teach him to talk.  Zayne had him talking before she left for work that evening.

Zayne has been victimized by another "Press the button".  What can I say, Derrick is too cute to be an only child.

Celia and Christian have also been busy with work and toddler taming.  Though she doesn't know it yet, Celia was another victim of button pressing. 

Malcolm and AJ had a son, now a toddler like so many others in the neighborhood.

And this cute young mite is Andrew, the son of Kathryn and Sam.  Kathryn has been spared button pressing because...

They did a bit of it on their very own.  Andrew now has a baby brother called Sterling.

Uncle Christian was over so Sam could try for promotion. He played with Sterling and changed a diaper while he was there. Nice guy!

Sam decided that with two children, it was time to get serious about his relationship with Kathryn.

In an effort to have a few more girls around, I've just introduced Benjamin Lee (Dee), Macy Monroe Lee (Chrysame) and their three daughters (Tracy, Katie and Kim) into the hood.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tomasi, Smith and Muleskinner families + random pics.

Lacie is growing up to be quite a pretty girl. Marta picked well with Jerod.  This is her formal dress so we probably won't see it much.

AJ Anderson is soon to have a baby with her boyfriend Malcolm.  Given what the family looked like in the previous game, I'm sure the child will be a handsome fellow.  It will be a boy, she gave birth by the end of the day.

And Katheryn is due to have a baby with Sam.  A bit weird for me since one of Sam's sons is engaged to Katheryn's daughter in another blog.

I think Rachel and Tyler must be saving money by buying the same outfit for both boys.  The closer one is Cecil but it's rather hard to tell the difference.  Lacie went home with Cecil after school.

Jon out with his adorable little girl.  Name of girl forgotten I fear.

Rebecca Smith with her new sleepwear.  She and partner Jared had a son but their infant was born and died while I was at different houses.

Baby two is on the way.  I hope the game is kinder this time.

From edit town view, Meadow never looked pregnant.  Looks were deceiving.  Her baby with Jon Marsh.

Grandpa helps Doug with homework.  Doug has the same shirt and hairstyle as Rachel's boys.  Clone city!

Wyatt haunted the house next to the Muleskinner.  He wandered around a bit but didn't do much.

Teresa Muleskinner in front of their home.  She and Grandpa are in the same career, but she is  much higher rank.  Gotta love the randomness of career levels sometimes.

Zayne is not getting any mother of the year awards for bringing Derrick then ignoring the poor mite.

Doug Muleskinner looked a bit too much like Cecil and Abel Thorpe.  So he got a new haircut and new clothes so he doesn't look like clone three.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A wedding, two toddlers and some romance

Thomas convinced Zayne to tie the knot.  They were wed at the Waterhole, a favourite gathering place.  They even brought young Derrick along to witness the event.

Exchanging the rings.

And it's now Mrs Zayne Leman.  I'm sure our lovely flirty Sims will have a splendid future. Nice that a child's name changes when their mom gets married.

It was a working day so just a few of their best friends came to the wedding.

Derrick and his dad.  Such a little earnest fellow.

And this youngster is Byron Pendragon, Celia and Christian's baby. 

Daddy takes some time to teach Byron to walk.

Jon Marsh moved home and was found flirting with Meadow.  Once I arrived, the relationship got kicked up about 4 notches.  First they had a first kiss.

Then they were caught backstage.  It wasn't just woohoo they were indulging in either.

Poor Sam seemed a bit lost at sea, he never gets free will about love.  So fate finally took charge and pushed this relationship with Kathryn from acquaintance to

first kiss and then they started going steady.  I should find a baby in this house very soon.