Friday, July 29, 2011

Special offer - guest articles

One way or another, I will be continuing on here. So I've decided on a special offer.

You can post either special reports or blog posts by any of the local journalist except Cyclone. Whenever the mood strikes is a good time to write and post. I could add a family with a journalist for you (I believe I need to fetch Cheezy's family!) if you don't want to use Connor, Star or Autumn.

You could review books/movies/tv. You could write a 'foreign correspondent', foreign meaning outside the valley. Pretty much, any random content you might find in an online newspaper.

So submit your resume now to be part of the SV Times team. This offer is not limited by time. :)

If you have some other ideas for what special articles should be in the SV Times, leave them in the comments! And check the comments for ideas.

Ok, YES, it appears that a Reset Everything and a save as has brought this save back from the brink.

So if you want to write the occasional article, it should either be a 'foreign' piece targetted to the SV audience or match the cast of characters that we have established on the blog. I'll try and fill out a few more family profiles but this should be enough to get you started.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Bios from Sunset Valley - Nevada, McPherson-Hill and Lessen Families

The Nevada Family

Jamison Nevada

Sim Origins: by townie
Age: Elder
Occupation: Retired
Characteristics: Brave, Clumsy, Handy, Computer Whiz, Lucky
Brief biography: Jamison was a loner up to the point where Sierra Nevada entered his life. Her recent divorce from Clover Hill had left her feeling vulnerable. He was the one to convince Sierra to allow

Sierra Nevada

Sim Origins: by Muleskinner
Age: Adult
Occupation: Business - Division Manager
Characteristics: Over-emotional, Neurotic, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Charismatic
Brief biography: Sierra's first love was the half elf Clover Hill. She was devastated to find that he'd had an affair with the town bike and demanded a divorce. She soon found Jamison, an older man but one who adored her. Their marriage as remained stable and an inspiration for other woman around town to dump unfaithful guys.

Paulette Nevada

Daughter of Jamison and Sierra Nevada
Age: Child
Characteristics: Brave, Technophobe, Clumsy
Brief biography: Paulette is finding school hours a trial, since she dislikes computers and most of the classes require using a computer at least some of the time. She uses her time to make friends instead of working on the computer. Her grades aren't top of the class but she has plenty of time to work on extra credit activities.

Pauline Wan

Age: Adult
Occupation:  Music - Hit Movie Composer
Characteristics: Brave, athletic, friendly
Brief biography: Pauline has been moving from household to household since her divorce with Christian Montgomery. She most recently managed to convince the Nevada family to take her in. Sierra is unaware that Pauline has been pursuing Jamison while Sierra is at work.

The McPherson-Hill Family

Clover McPherson-Hill

Sim Origins: by Sidonza
Age: Adult
Occupation: Gardener - Master weeder
Characteristics: Loves the Outdoors, Good, Vegetarian, Green Thumb, Lucky
Brief biography: Clover Hill's first marriage broke up when he was caught with the town bike. It wasn't long after the divorce was final before he found Kacyn. He has long since given up any romances outside of his marriage, Kacyn fills all of his needs. A vegetarian, he gardens enthusiastically to ensure the family has the freshest and best quality produce possible.

Kacyn McPherson-Hill

Sim Origins: by kjanie08
Age: Adult
Occupation: Culinary - Executive Chef
Characteristics: Flirty, brave, Natural Cook, Clumsy, Ambitious
Brief biography: Kacyn knew from the moment she met him that Clover was the Sim of her dreams. Their marriage has been long and happy, with one son they adore. Kacyn's favourite place in the world is the kitchen, any kitchen. Her wish is to be a 5-star chef, and she's been creating new dishes or perfecting old ones since she was old enough to use a toy oven.

Blueberry McPherson-Hill

Son of Clover and Kacyn McPherson-Hill
Age: Child
Characteristics: Slob, Clumsy, Light Sleeper
Brief biography: Blueberry has been at best an indifferent student at school. He's the only student of such a hue, and feels like an outcast because of it. His school mates don't tease him, but they also don't talk to him.

The Lessen Family

Linda Lessen

Sim Origins: by EA Games
Age: Elder
Occupation: Music - Backup Vocalist
Characteristics: Family-Oriented, Handy, Vegetarian, Perfectionist, Charismatic
Brief biography: Linda rapidly rose in the music career to backup vocalist. She felt that this level was her forte and never again asked for a promotion.

Mick Lessen

Sim Origins: by Chrysame
Age: Adult
Occupation: Music - Lead Guitarist
Characteristics: Great Kisser, Virtuoso, Neat, Family-Oriented, Athletic
Brief biography: Mick only has two passions in his life. One is his wife and the second is his guitar. His music is well loved in the city, but few Sims outside of his family or the band know him well. The few that do are very good friends.

Debbie Lessen

Daughter of Mick and Linda Lessen
Age: Teen
Characteristics: Eco-Friendly, Evil, Easily Impressed, Athletic
Brief biography: Debbie find that school work is easy. It's other people that are hard. Her long term boyfriend Daniel recently broke up and Debbie is having a hard time coping.