Friday, April 22, 2011

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Hey there, loyal readers. I'm Connor, investigative reporter for the SV Times. The management in their infinite wisdom have decided that the reporting staff "Shall blog from time to time to remind the readers that there are people behind the stories." There are always people behind the stories. Some of them make the news. Some of us report it. We are all people.

I think it's a bulls**t idea but hey, they pay for my time. Even when it's a blog.

At any rate, here's a pic of me and one of my girls. My Celeste. She's such a little sweetheart.

It has been interesting for me since Alicia entered my life. A wife, a step-daughter and my own little girl. When Alicia first tried to woo me, I couldn't believe that a relationship with anyone would work. I prefer my solitude; reading a good book in a quiet corner. She had her work cut out for her, convincing me that I could love her and accept her daughter as my own.

She was very right. You know, I can't imagine life without any of them now.

Alicia has been a bit touchy of late. She's had another birthday and I dare not mention anything around her that even vaguely sounds like birthday.

The Frio Family - Connor, Alicia, Caroline and Celeste

Alicia Longshore Marsh Frio

Sim Origins: by selahfreeatlast
Age: elder
Occupation: Politics - City Council Member
Characteristics: Great Kisser, Charismatic, Schmoozer, Lucky, Friendly
Brief biography: Alicia is on her second marriage. The first marriage with Jon Marsh proved unsatisfactory since Jon hated being tied down plus his tendency to chase every skirt in town. Alicia had made many friends across town, but more meaningful relationships eluded her for some time. Then she met Connor. It took time to bring him out of his shell, but worth it. Her marriage with Connor has been good for both of them.

Connor Frio

Age: adult
Occupation: Journalism - Investigative Reporter
Characteristics: Loner, Unflirty, Absent-minded, Good, Bookworm
Brief biography: Connor was happy when he moved away from his brother to a place of his own. He was the ultimate loner, or so he thought until Alicia entered his life. Now he's surrounded by girls, and finds that a family brings happiness of its own. He dearly loves his wife and both of their girls. His work at the Sunset Valley Times brings him a lot of satisfaction.

Caroline Marsh Frio

Daughter of Alicia and Jon Marsh
Age: child
Characteristics: Slob, Clumsy, Artistic
Brief biography: Caroline barely remembers her biological dad, he left the family while she was a toddler. She's been very happy since gaining her new dad. Her new little sister, on the other hand, is someone she could do without.

Celeste Frio

Daughter of Alicia and Connor Frio
Age: toddler
Characteristics: Hates the Outdoors, Friendly
Brief biography: Still a toddler, there's so much to see and learn ahead for this little girl.


  1. Aww. Both Connor's girls are quite cute. :) Lookit the cheeks on Celeste! D'aww.

    Jon Marsh... he mucks up things everywhere, don't he? ;)

  2. The girls are adorable and so is Connor. It sounds like a happy ending/beginning/middle for the Frio family. It's so nice and refreshing to have some joyjoy now and again.

    I really enjoyed this for that aspect. A little happy was just what I needed today. Thanks, PiB.

  3. D'aww, cute post! I like the blogging idea, and the biographies were great!

  4. Awwww, thanks everyone.

    Connor really does seem to be doing well with his family. He and Caroline are friends, which is way better than Caroline and her biological dad. And he seems very content.

    Given that I dumped Alicia and Caroline in with Connor to keep her away from one of the young males in town - it's worked out well for them all.

    So yep, just a cute happy happy post this time. :)


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