Monday, October 26, 2009

Love is in the Air

Just another couple of pics from late last night.

Mindy Landgraab decided to chat with Alphoso Fuller (random family added to the game)

And got her first kiss

Now Sam has been pushing himself into every community lot in town just to make sure I don't forget him (as if I could!)  So I decided he should met the neighbor

And this time Zayne seemed far more charmed then last time

Now that they have had a small(ish) push, we'll see how they go or who they end up with. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update from Malcolm and AJ (Don't press the button)

When I settled in to the Landgraab house for a good play, I found that AJ is at level 5 of Athletics, Malcolm had a low job in culinary and the kids needed a bit of help with school.

Now as just seen Malcolm went to the theatre to learn guitar.  While there he met the new guy in town, Sam Grant.  Malcolm has maxed charisma and the two of them are already good friends.  Malcolm also quit that job, he has been leader of the free world, what on earth would he be doing as a kitchen hand? 

Malcolm and AJ have four children - Mindy who is a teen, Malcolm who is a child and Andrew and Angel, both toddlers.  Now Andrew should be older than Angel but switching households seems to cause uneven aging so she was a day older. 

So the Landgraabs had a birthday party for Andrew.  They invited a number of people, including Sam who still needs to meet lots of people in town

Malcolm took his pink haired toddler to the cake

And thus we have

Which lasted all of three seconds,

AJ has been promoted to level 6 in her career.  And while I did mean to turn aging on once I got to this family, I turned it off again.  Why?  AJ is only 2 days from elder now and I like having some of my Sims reach their life goals.  AJ is only a few promotions away from hers.

And Don't Press the Button?   Well, AJ and Malcolm are in bed, she's only 2 days from elder...woohoo or try for baby?  They have 4 kids (all very cute, AJ and Malcolm make very pretty children together).  AJ has never shown the least interest in having more, neither has Malcolm.  So much as I like the idea of them with one more baby, I know they don't really need one.

More news from around the neighborhood

At the Leman house, Thomas has grown my first ever money tree.  The first harvest was about 300 simoleons.

Marcy Leman is getting to know Dexter Marsh better

Kaitlin Leman has reached childhood

Tricia Muleskinner has made it to toddler.

Grandpa has yet to meet Grimmy and aging is currently off so it will be a little while before he does.

Alice Lessen reached child

and got a makeover because all my Sim girls are looking the same

I love community lots.  From left to right we have Sam Grant just leaving the theatre.  Malcolm Landgraab is standing next to Zayne Hunter.  And Thomas and Kaitlin Leman are on the far right. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

So what's new in Riverview?

In the Marsh household, Dexter did some bonding with his little sister Josie

who soon after grew to be an adorable girl

And Jon Marsh can pull in the crowds when he plays.  In fact, he was here all day even after I switched households a few times.

And here's one of the new neighbors.  His name is Clover Hill from  Sidonzo.   I'd just put him in this house and here he is making friends with Marcy Leman. 

Dugan and Sarah are still working their way up the culinary career.  I've left them completely on free will and  I think they need some shoving along.  They are leading very dull lives.

Another new arrival on the scene is Sam Grant.  He's doing the rounds, getting acquainted with a few people namely Sarah now that she's off work.

Behind Sam is another of the new arrivals, Celia Pendragon.

Zayne Hunter is also in town but she hasn't put in an appearance yet.

Samantha Simself is now Samantha Shallow.  She and Dallas Shallow have a baby girl Cheri

And Thomas Leman experimented on one too many objects

Hey, Tom, the bed isn't meant to literally be smoking.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A roundup of current events in Riverview

For the moment, I've turned story progression and aging off.  I feel like I'm just missing too much of their lives when switching households.  You can blame Elvis Lessen, one visit a child and the next a teen.  It's all too fast, even on long life spans.

Sarah and Dugan in the graveyard at 2 am. Why? I haven't a clue.

Elvis Lessen as a teen.

Dustin and Elvis do their homework with Marcy Leman

I made Dallas Shallow pop the question to Samantha Simself.  Samantha was quite happy to take the ring.

Dexter Marsh has a birthday.  Dexter is the son of Jon Marsh and Tanya Pole Marsh.

And Dexter is a pretty fine looking teen. 

Thomas Leman is now a mad scientist.  I love that his gloves match the baby's shoes.

Unfortunately, no one got around to paying bills at the Leman home.  The repo man took the easel and something else but I couldn't work out what.

Samantha Simself listening to Jon play.  She's looking a wee bit plump.

And our final picture for the night

Jon Marsh Rock God!  Yes, he's made it to the top of his career.  I think his new work outfit includes stud earrings and the choker.  :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quick question for those that follow this blog

Obviously, this blog is primarily about the Free will game where I switch households regularly.

Should I also put in updates from my other saved games or just start yet another blog for that?  Cause I'm currently uploading the pics from the Sunset Valley game where a family has just had triplets.  Serious toddler taming in their future.

I'd consider posting in the forums, but it takes all of about 1/2 hour for your post to get buried 5 pages deep sometimes.