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Family Bios from Sunset Valley - The Hunter-Bodette, Montgomery and Wolff Families

Brief family bios of those Sims important enough in Sunset Valley to earn a regular spot in the local paper. Any Sim without a listed Sim origin is one of mine, one of the default Sims in Sunset Valley or born in this game. Any sim listed with Sim Origins was downloaded from the Exchange and the creator's forum name is displayed.

The Hunter-Bodette Family - Jerod, Zayne, Nandine, Joanne and Buddy

Zayne Hunter-Bodette

Sim Origins: by Sue_d_nim
Age: adult
Occupation: Business - Chairman of the Board
Characteristics: Flirty, Party Animal, Artistic, Charismatic, Friendly
Brief biography: While she was never sure of why Jerod Bodette was the man of her dreams, Zayne Hunter was positive that he was the one. Once the charismatic and flirty Zayne set her heart, there was nothing less then wedding bells ahead. Zayne has steadily been working her way up the business career, and is near the top job now. Her family admires that she can climb the corporate ladder and still make time for them. She is widely known and loved in Sunset Valley. In her spare moments, Zayne adores playing her guitar.

Jerod Hunter-Bodette

Sim Origins: by shay480
Age: adult
Occupation: Medicine - currently Infectious Disease Researcher
Characteristics: Couch Potato, Genius, Daredevil, Heavy Sleeper, Computer Whiz
Brief biography: Jerod's dream is to become a world renowned surgeon. It has required long hours at work, much study at home and a dedication to building logic; now at long last he is nearing that goal. Fortunately, being a genius means that gaining logic isn't as difficult for him as for some. He has managed to make some time for his family, but not as much as any of them would like.

Nandini Hunter-Bodette

Daughter of Zayne and Jerod
Age: teen
Characteristics: Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Virtuoso, Party Animal
Brief biography: Nandini has her heart set on being a martial arts master someday. But will her other passions of music and fun keep her from dedicating the time and effort required to master the martial arts. Her current boyfriend is Chaim Montgomery.

Joanne Hunter-Bodette

Daughter of Zayne and Jerod
Age: teen
Characteristics: Brave, Virtuoso, Clumsy, Frugal
Brief biography: Joanne is the local school heartthrob with three boys dancing attendance on her every whim; Dion Wolff, Trent Montgomery and her official boyfriend Ralph Lee. She doesn't try to collect boys but they seem to follow her wherever she goes. Her life want mixology.

Buddy Hunter-Bodette

Son of Zayne and Jerod
Age: child
Characteristics: Absent-minded, Clumsy, Athletic
Brief biography: The youngest of the children, Buddy is having a hard time making friends at school. He loves sports but frequently trips over his own feet. His absent-mindedness has made it difficult for him to remember the teacher's question long enough to answer it.

The Montgomery Family - Christian, Kristy, Trent, Chaim

Christian Russ-Montgomery

Sim Origins: by rflong7
Age: adult
Occupation: Sports currently team captain
Characteristics: Virtuoso, Athletic, Heavy Sleeper, Charismatic, Lucky
Brief biography: Christian is on his second marriage. His first with Pauline Wan gave him two sons, whom he dotes on. However he found her cheating ways too much to cope with and finally demanded a divorce. When she left the house, he successfully kept custody of his sons. His second marriage to Kristy Russ has been a much more satisfactory relationship.

Kristy Russ-Montgomery

Age: adult
Occupation: Politics currently Yes Woman
Characteristics: Brave, Good, Handy, Clumsy, Lucky
Brief biography: While Christian's sons have never warmed to their step-mother, she loves her husband quite dearly. Her life goal, to be leader of the free world, is quite some distance from her current position.

Trent Montgomery

Son of Christian Montgomery and Pauline Wan Montgomery
Age: teen
Characteristics: Over-Emotional, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Good
Brief biography: Trent was distraught when his mother was booted from the house, though not as much as his little brother. His love of the outdoors means that he is considering a future career in science. Gardening and fishing are major skills for a scientist, both of those outdoor pursuits. He is a quiet young man, much devoted to his dad and he has high hopes of his romance with Joanne Hunter-Bodette, not realising how many boys worship her.

Chaim Montgomery

 Son of Christian Montgomery and Pauline Wan Montgomery 
Age: teen
Characteristics: Insane, Loner, Flirty, Virtuoso
Brief biography: The removal of Pauline Wan from his life deeply disturbed Chaim. He prefers solitude to company and is prone to fits of madness. He is also deeply devoted to his girlfriend Nandine Hunter-Bodette, will she be the rock that can anchor him in a safe harbour?

The Wolff Family - Thornton, Morgana, Dion, Tomeka, Logan, Melinda

Thornton Wolff

Age: elder
Occupation: Business - power broker
Characteristics: Commitment Issues, Perfectionist, Dislikes Children, Frugal, Ambitious
Brief biography: Thornton has ambition enough to burn. In fact, ambition enough to stay with Morgana because the corporation expects their executives to be faithful. His commitment issues can be seen, he has three romantic interests on the side. His love of Morgana has run deep enough to allow her to raise the five children that she wanted in spite of his distaste for younger Sims.

Morgana Wolff

Age: elder
Occupation: Medicine - Gene Therapist
Characteristics: Workaholic, Family-oriented, Good, Artist, Charismatic
Brief biography: Morgana has a deep love of art and of family. Raising her brood of 5 has left her deeply fulfilled. While the oldest boy has married and moved from home, the rest of her children still live at home. She works at the local hospital, specialising in gene therapy. It allows her to help children not as fortunate as her own as far as health goes.

Dion Wolff

Son of Thornton and Morgana
Age: teen
Characteristics: Brave, Unlucky, Athletic, Childish
Brief biography: Dion has a dream to reach a perfect mind and perfect body. His athletic prowess has been noticed by the girls in school. He has  two romantic interests Joanne Hunter-Bodette and Courtney Leman. His unlucky trait may yet impede his life.

Tomeka Wolff

Child of Thornton and Morgana
Characteristics: Loner, Insane, Excitable, Easily Impressed
Brief biography: Tomeka is a loner in a crowded household. The presence of so many sibling makes her more than a little crazy. She is hoping for a career in science, the solitude of a garden or fish pond appeals. She has two romantic interests; Travis Kane and Anthony Walker.

Logan Wolff

Son of Thornton and Morgana
Characteristics: Loner, Over-Emotional, Genius, Mean Spirited.
Brief biography: Logan is a bad boy from the family. He is deeply unhappy at home, and has no affection for his parents or his siblings. He is a genius but his mean-spirited nature means that he makes far more enemies then friends. He has very recently fallen in love with David Lee. His ambition is to be a professional writer.

Melinda Wolff

Daughter of Thornton and Morgana
Age: teen
Characteristics: Virtuoso, Perceptive, Kleptomaniac, Athletic
Brief biography: Melinda may be the most talented of the Wolff children.She was interested in Brendan Landgraab but they have parted company. She is Thornton's favourite child. Her life wish is to be a hi movie composer.

The Wolff Family (2) - Jerald, Jarod and Kendrick

Jerald Wolff

Son of Thornton and Morgana Wolff
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Medicine currently a paramedic
Characteristics: Adventurous, Slob, Insane, Good, Athletic
Brief biography: Jerald's life changed when he fell in love with the only son of Nick Alto. Jarod convinced Jerald to marry and move away from his family. Was it a change for the better for Jerald?

Jarod Wolff

Son of Nick and Vita Alto
Age: Young Adult
Occupation: Music currently a roadie
Characteristics: Slob, Technophobe, Virtuoso, Perceptive, Evil
Brief biography: Jarod leaped at the chance to marry his boyfriend and leave the Alto name behind. He loathed his father Nick with a passion, and was quite happy the day his father finally was claimed by the reaper.

Kendrick Wolff

Science lab offspring of Jerald and Jarod
Age: toddler
Characteristics: Loner, Disciplined
Brief biography: Poor Kendrick - the requested Science lab baby has had little attention from either of his fathers to date. He knows his parade of babysitters better. Will either Jerald or Jarod finally notice their son?

It was a surprise when Logan fell in love with David Lee a few hours after I had just been to visit the Lee family. This makes the second time I know of when siblings are gay/lesbians.

If anyone is curious, while the first family bio was random, but now what I'm doing now is following the love interests of the teenagers across the families. So Annabelle led us to the Lee family, Ralph Lee led us to the Hunter-Bodette etc.


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  2. Woo, more bios! :D Done lots, but still looks like you may have lots more to go--you gonna try to tackle the whole town? If so, I wish you luck!

    Cool seeing the origins of some of the sims, too--I always wondered about Zayne, because I never saw her in any of your guys' studios.

    Tomeka's an interest of Travis, eh? Haha... He sure has varying tastes over all these games doesn't he? Cute little bios, though--it helps give a better dynamic for each of the family than just stating the happy-haps.

    Also: Grats on 100 posts! Woo! :D

  3. Not the whole town. Just the added guest Sims, their kids and the few town families that have interacted with them (which is how the Wolff family gets in). So Holly and Parker Alto won't have one cause there is no next gen for them.

    Zayne Hunter had her own blog - older than any of mine. Pity Sue_d_nim lost that computer and had other issues. Zayne was very cool.

    Tomeka Wolff means the Kane family is on the next queue. Hopefully the brief bios will meet with your approval. And Dion means that Thomas is up too.

    I like doing these bios. Getting a better sense of who they all are and where the next gen may be headed.


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