Friday, October 14, 2011

The SV Times Presents - Dear Alex #3 - Coconuts or Bananas?

Dear Alex, My best friend just broke up with his girlfriend. Is this a good time to tell him I'd like to date her myself. Actually, I'd kind of like to take him on a date too.

Seriously confused

Dear Seriously Confused, certainly are confused, aren't you? Let me ask you this; do you prefer coconuts, or bananas? Triangles, or cones? Fashion design, or construction? Sports bars, or spas?

Personally I'm not judging either way know, my wife Michele is a little more sensitive than I am. I'll have her answer this question.

“Regardless of your preference, it would be in bad taste to go after your best friend's ex. It breaks “bro code”, doesn't it? You could try to pull a few moves on your pal, but you might want to gauge his tolerance first. Otherwise, he might run out of your house screaming bloody murder. Also, ignore Alex's weird and intrusive questions that supposedly spell out your simsual orientation. They don't.

Remember, there are plenty of fish (of both genders!) in the sea.”

So, yeah. There's her answer.

Now that I've had time to think about it, I'd say go for the girl and just don't tell your friend. It seems easier that way.

(you could also sneak into his room in the middle of the night and fondle him, but that might lead to a restraining order.)

Enjoy your banana coconuts,


  1. Oh my, this is so hilarious. His wife is so the opposite of him, but they made such a great combination.

    So true to Venus and Mars. :)

    That line with small fonts made me ROFL.

    I hope someone is going to ask dearest Alex another question.

  2. Hey MJ you can help Alex along by asking a question. Keep him employed you know. :)

    Cheezy, looks like you've been having fun with the new column. I'm sure Alex will be well loved if he keeps it up!

  3. @MJ, they are polar opposites. It's fun to watch. :)

    @PiB thanks! I *ahem* Alex would love to keep up the column, it's very quick and fun to do. It also helps stretch my writing muscles, which could always use stretching. :)

  4. :) I feel the same about the SV Times in general. I've been a bit bogged because I do want to do a few more of the family bio pages (almost done with those) but the paper itself is pretty quick and fun because it is different.

    Alex could also do a personal blog post and attach his family bios. I've done that with Connor and Autumn. I have yet to do that with Cyclone or Star. Come to think on it, Star needs a blog post.


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